IVC Shoeless Joe Ballet from Damn Yankees & The Traitor Video Critique Discussion

IVC Shoeless Joe Ballet from Damn Yankees & The Traitor Video Critique Discussion.

Can you help me understand this History question?

Write a five-paragraph essay review/critique of the two video links below. Your critique should include an introduction paragraph, stating what two video’s you saw and general information about them(many of these details are given to you below). Then three support paragraphs: one about your thoughts/opinions on the first video, one about your thoughts/opinions on the second video and one comparing/contrasting the two videos. Your last paragraph will be a conclusion paragraph that summarizes everything. Each paragraph should have a minimum of six sentences. Please feel free to do outside research about these works/pieces to help support your thoughts.

You should write your critique with the idea that your readers have not seen the pieces and have no knowledge of them. You must paint a clear picture of the pieces without just writing step by step details of the story you envision. Think about the important details and how you can discuss them in an interesting way to grab your readers.

The critique will be in five paragraph essay format, with a minimum of five sentences in each paragraph. The critique will start with an introduction paragraph that clearly states what two pieces you saw and all the details about each piece. You must also have a thesis that tells the reader what you will be discussing in the body of the essay. You will following with three support paragraphs. First one covers the details of first piece, second the details of the second piece and third you will be comparing and contrasting the two videos. Think about not only the similarities but also the differences of the two pieces. Ask yourself questions about the movements, genres, choreographers, time in history, costumes, dancers and more. This fourth paragraph is the meat of your critique and very important section! Finally you will wrap it up in the fifth paragraph for the reader, briefly recapping the important items and helping the reader know why these details are relevant.

Everyone critiques will be different since we all view and absorb dance/art in unique ways. Please remember to be truthful within your writing and support your thoughts with examples from within the pieces.

Shoeless Joe Ballet from “Damn Yankees” (1955)

Choreography by Bob Fosse

Dance Music Arrangements by Roger Adams

Video Performance here is in “Fosse” the Musical 2001

The Traitor (1954)

Choreography by Jose Limon

Music by Gunther Schuller

Limón’s interpretation of the story of Judas Iscariot and the betrayal of Christ, this work alluded to the McCarthy era and the Red Scare when it was created in 1954. The protagonist symbolizes those men, who, loving too much, must hate; men who turn against their loyalties, friends, and country to betray them to the enemy.

IVC Shoeless Joe Ballet from Damn Yankees & The Traitor Video Critique Discussion


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