JS 128 San Jose State University American Law Enforcement Questions

JS 128 San Jose State University American Law Enforcement Questions.

Question Description

Part 1:

(Chapter 8 of Bosworth Reading attached)

Questions : Opponents have criticized the [PATRIOT] Act’s authorization of indefinite detentions of immigrants, searches of homes or businesses without owners’ permission, and access to financial records. Following several challenges, Federal courts have ruled that a number of the provisions are unconstitutional.

Are these unusual powers given to law enforcement agencies, particularly the FBI, warranted? Are critics who charge that Americans’ basic rights and liberties are being eroded under the “false flag of fighting terrorism” correct? Have we also now permitted these agencies to go after people based on “race or ethnic background”? Should such highly intrusive investigative techniques be permitted? The basic question remains—have these measures improved our national security and are they worth the “harm to our civil liberties” that has occurred?

Part 2:

(Chapter 6 of Cullen reading attached)

(Sentencig and Prison Practices in Germany and Netherlands attached)

Reflect on The Racially Just Prison:

Why, according to the assigned reading, are our prisons currently NOT racially just?

What kind of cultural shift do you think we would need to see in order for prisons to become racially just?

Do you think we can ever reach racial justice as described in the assigned chapter?

You must cite the chapter at least one (1) time in your Answer for each part.

JS 128 San Jose State University American Law Enforcement Questions


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