King Saud University Differences Between MP3 and MP4 Comparative Paper

King Saud University Differences Between MP3 and MP4 Comparative Paper.

  • The Research Problem should include 2 pages
    • This does not include title pages or reference pages
    • This is at least 2 FULL written pages
  • Summary of the research problem
  • Answer to the questions for the research problem which are based on the textbook readings or outside sources (these are not your opinion but you can include comments)
    • The text book in chapter 6 has an article on MP3
      • You may have to do additional research on MP3 to give a clear understanding of the format
    • You will have to do research on MP4 (the text book does not address this format)
  • Conclusion which is your thoughts on the research problem and its contents
  • In completing the research problem I want at least 3 in-text citations referencing the text book material or an outside source backing up your comments/answers

Present the paper in Microsoft Office Word document format. Name the file LastName_Reserach_Problem_3.doc and submit it to the Online Venue (Moodle) by the beginning of class on Thursday class of Week 7.

  • All written assignments and responses should follow either MLA/APA rules
    • Title page (in MLA the title is usually on the first page but, the instructor can request a title page and this is what I am asking for so that there is at least 2.5 full pages of content)
    • No paragraph spacing
    • Double spaced/12pt font size/ Times New Roman
    • 1” margins (top, bottom, left and right)
    • References and in-text citations follows either the APA or MLA rules
    • Can follow link for the Purdue Owl site for information on MLA/APA:
    • Also, answer this question Music purchased from i Tunes is encoded in the MP4 format. Investigate this format and compare it with the MP3 encoding method discussed in the chapter. Which encoding method offers the best tradeoff betwwen compression raito and quality? which requires the most processing power for audio encoding? which addresses issue of copy protection , and how are these issues addressed?
    • Please use your word and do not copay any work someone
    • Professor is very strict and he always use many websites to check
    • when you finish please send to me the link of

King Saud University Differences Between MP3 and MP4 Comparative Paper


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