LIT 4010 University of Michigan Science Fiction Films Discussion

LIT 4010 University of Michigan Science Fiction Films Discussion.

Question Description

NOTE: All examples cited from Science Fiction sources as evidence for your arguments must be sources we either read or watched as part of this class. You may not cite outside sources such as Star Wars or other texts whether written or filmed without express written permission and these outside sources cannot replace sources from the class.

Word count at least 800

Point Distribution: The exam is four short essay questions. Each essay is worth 25 points broken out as follows:

  1. Strong thesis statement (tells us clearly what you are about to prove to us.) 5
  2. Strong Argument: Use your sources and data top clearly support your thesis. Don’t simply keep telling us your thesis, USE EVIDENCE. You must use at least TWO Non-Fiction authors for each question response unless otherwise noted. 10
  3. Spelling, grammar etc. 5
  4. Conclusion: A strong conclusion will reiterate your premise and may suggest a broader theme. 5

Questions (Answer all four)

1. Discuss the ways in which the movie District 9 provides a commentary on Colonialism and the perceived threat of the immigrant. After defining the concept of “colonialism,” explain how we might use this concept in analyzing the aliens in District 9 and more broadly what “the colonized” might represent in our society.

2. Outline themes of indigeneity in Avatar and The Word for World is Forest. How might these texts, although very similar in many ways, articulate different approaches to the subject of indigenous culture and exploitation of the environment?

3. Outline the concept of “technophobia.” Use two examples from SF that we have read or watched in class that might give us different perspectives on what technophobia is and means in our society, and cite at least two authors read in class in your analysis.

4. How are characters “othered” based on gender in SF? Provide two examples from SF watched or read in/for class, and cite at least two authors and how we might use their ideas to show how SF communicates anxiety about gender in contemporary society.

LIT 4010 University of Michigan Science Fiction Films Discussion


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