MAN 4441 Florida National University Conflict Management & Resolution Paper

MAN 4441 Florida National University Conflict Management & Resolution Paper.

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1. Think about the five major strategies for conflict management commonly identifies in the dual concerns model:

  • 1.Contending (also called competing or dominating).
  • 2.Yielding (also called accommodating or obliging).
  • 3.Inaction (also called avoiding).
  • 4.Problem solving (also called collaborating or integrating).
  • 5.Compromising is the strategy located in the middle

2. Why is managing the other party’s impressions important? What tactics can be used to do this? Which tactic do you think is most effective and why? (If you have had any of these tactics used on you or if you have used them yourself, feel free to expand on those examples)

3. On Page 51 the book gives 5 tactics for closing the deal. Give a separate example for each of these regarding when it would be best to use each of these tactics when closing a deal( think outside the box, it does not always have to be during a sale/purchase)

4. Which of the “Typical Hardball Tactics” do you think is the most effective and why?

5. Find an article that discusses the resolution to a conflict that deals with guilt, victimhood, and/or loss in one of the following newspapers: New York Times, Miami Herald, Washington Post, or Wall Street Journal and respond by summarizing and giving your opinion (at least 300 words). Please make sure you include the entire citation for the article.

MAN 4441 Florida National University Conflict Management & Resolution Paper


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