MAT 152 Central Piedmont Quantitative and Qualitative Data Report

MAT 152 Central Piedmont Quantitative and Qualitative Data Report.

MAT 152 Signature Assignment

The purposes of the project are to distinguish between quantitative and qualitative data, to demonstrate both an understanding of the appropriate means of displaying, analyzing and interpreting statistics on each type, and the appropriate use of technology to produce a report of the findings.

Project Outline

1. Pick a meaningful survey topic that can be investigated by asking people in your surroundings (students, coworkers, neighbors, etc.). Identify and explain how the sample was selected. You must survey at least 30 people.

2. Your survey must contain 3 questions:

a. 1 question that has a qualitative (word) response. The question needs to have at least 4 responses. Yes/no questions are not accepted.

b. 2 questions that give a quantitative (numeric) response that you think may have a relationship.

3. You must get your instructor to approve the survey.

4. Collect and compile the data.

The report you submit must include the following:

5. An introduction, explaining what topic is being investigated and how the survey was conducted. Identify and explain how the sample was selected. Is it biased?? If so, why? How could you have taken a better survey?

6. Important: Using SPSS, (Strongly suggest printing labs 2 through 6 for guidance.)

a. For the qualitative data

1. Create a frequency table

2. Create a pie chart and a Pareto chart

3. Write a conclusion. This should include but is not limited to discussing the qualitative data charts and graphs, stating the mode, and any interesting finds in your data.

b. For the quantitative data. Pick one of your quantitative data questions and create the following tables/graphs.

1. Calculate the mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation, and five number summary.

2. Create a dot plot.

3. Create a box plot.

4. Identify any outliers.

5. Create a histogram using between 5 and 10 classes(Visual Binning).

6. Write a conclusion for this section of your data. This should include answering the following. What is your mean and median? Based on this information is your graph skewed? Do you have any outliers, state the value of the outliers or state that no outliers were noted, and state if you were surprised by the outliers? What other outcomes did you find interesting from your graphs/charts.

c. Using both of your quantitative questions, (using lab 6 as your guide), create/answer the following:

1. Determine which one you believe to be the explanatory variable and which is the response variable.

2. Construct a scatterplot

3. Graph the best fit line on the scatterplot(If you are unable to get a best fit line, you need to go back to lab 2 and fix the measurements for your quantitative variables. If the variable is quantitative remember it must be set to scale. If this happens you may have to start this section over again.)

4. Find the correlation coefficient

5. Determine the regression equation of the best fit line

6. Write a conclusion. This should include but is not limited to stating the explanatory and response variables, stating whether there is a linear correlation and what that r value is, and whether that is what you expected. Also state what the least squares regression line is and explain the meaning of the slope and y-intercept mean in this situation. Also interpret the y-intercept or explain why it could not be possible. State other things that you found interesting from the results of your two quantitative questions. Make a prediction about what you expect to happen in the future based on your results.

Lastly, if you were to do this project over again, would you do anything differently?

How to Submit Your Signature Assignment:

1.Once you have completed all the tables and graphs for your data, you need to copy and paste the required tables and graphs to a word document.

2.To do this, go to the output screen. Right click on the desired table and choose “copy”. Then, open a word document within the cloud. Right click in the word document and choose “paste”. Repeat for all desired tables and graphs. (Note: it will not work if you try to paste to a document on your desktop or local disk – it must be in the cloud).

3.Add your introduction and conclusions in the word document. Make sure your order matches what is listed on this assignment. You can look at the grading rubric on the next page to know exactly what must be in the document.

4.Submit your signature assignment as one document on blackboard.

Due date: End of the day on March 20th by 11:59pm.

MAT 152 Central Piedmont Quantitative and Qualitative Data Report


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