MAT 240 SNHS Applied Statistics Applications of Probability Peer Responses

MAT 240 SNHS Applied Statistics Applications of Probability Peer Responses.

Question Description

Choose one of the following two prompts to respond to. In your two follow up posts, respond at least once to each prompt option. Use the discussion topic as a place to ask questions, speculate about answers, and share insights. Be sure to embed and cite your references for any supporting images.

Option 1:

Given this data set – from the NOAA for Manchester, NH, select a random month between January 1930 and December 1957. Begin with this month and analyze the next 25 data values (i.e. 2 years and 1 month) for the variable “TPCP” (See Second Tab in Data Set for variable descriptions). For example, if May 1955 is chosen as the starting month, then the “TPCP” data would be from May 1955 through May 1957. Using Excel, StatCrunch, etc., construct a histogram to represent your sample. Report the sample mean, median, and standard deviation as a part of your discussion of skewness.

Determine the interval for the middle 68% of your sample data and relate this to the sample standard deviation.

Comment on the similarities and differences between your sample data and that of your classmates. Why are there differences if the samples are drawn from the same population?

Option 2:

A professor states that in the United States the proportion of college students who own iPhones is .66. She then splits the class into two groups: Group 1 with students whose last name begins with A-K and Group 2 with students whose last name begins with L-Z. She then asks each group to count how many in that group own iPhones and to calculate the group proportion of iPhone ownership. For Group 1 the proportion is p1 and for Group 2 the proportion is p2. To calculate the proportion you take the number of iPhone owners and divide by the total number of students in the group. You will get a number between 0 and 1.

  • What would you expect p1 and p2 to be?
  • Do you expect either of these proportions to be vastly different from the population proportion of .66?
  • Would you be surprised if p1 was different than p2?
  • Would you be surprised if they were the same or similar?
  • What statistical concept describes the relationship between the first letter of someone’s last name and whether or not they own an iPhone?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.


For the discussion boards, two options are given for you to choose from for your initial post. In your response posts, you are required to respond at least once to each option. This means you should have a minimum of three posts in total:

  1. Your initial post to either Option One or Option Two
  2. A response to one of your peers’ responses to Option One
  3. A response to one of your peers’ responses to Option Two

In your title for your discussion post, please clearly include which option you are answering by typing “Option One: [your title]” or “Option Two: [your title].”

Please watch the following video for additional help and direction with these posts:

Notes on Discussion Board 1


  • A histogram must be included in your post for this option. You should embed your histogram in your post so it can be easily viewed.


  • Be sure to provide examples in which the probability is expressed as either a percent or as a decimal.

I will add the classmate posts response when this first initial response is done. I will be needing 2 classmate response done.

MAT 240 SNHS Applied Statistics Applications of Probability Peer Responses


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