MBI 111 Miami Stimulation of Non Specific Immunity & Disease Resistance Questions

MBI 111 Miami Stimulation of Non Specific Immunity & Disease Resistance Questions.

Help me study for my Biology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

answer questions:

  1. Explain how one would distinguish specific immunity from non-specific resistance. Identify two examples that demonstrate non-specific resistance and two more that demonstrate specific immunity.
  2. What is the ultimate goal of phagocytosis? Describe how the steps of the phagocytosis process accomplish this goal, and the role played by antibodies in the process. How does antigen processing fit into this process?
  3. What is the ultimate goal of (acute) inflammation? Explain how the inflammatory processes accomplish this goal.
  4. Compare 1st , 2nd , and 3rd generation vaccines with respect to preparation, components, and advantages of each.
  5. Explain the underlying reason that active immunity is called “active” and passive immunity is called “passive”.
  6. List and describe four different types of Ag-Ab reactions and explain how 2 of these processes contributes to specific defense in the body.
  7. Explain why memory B and memory T cells are considered to be the “foundation of immunity”.
  8. Compare and contrast activation of Helper T cells, Cytotoxic T cells and B cells. Include in your analysis the stimulating agent for each type of cell, the response of these cells to the activating agent, and the role of the activated cell in eliminating infections.
  9. HIV destroys Helper T cells. Explain why the loss of this one cell type results in a non-functional immune system.

Be sure to put the answers in “your own words”. An answer that is simply copied from either the lecture notes or the textbook will receive a score of zero, even if the answer is correct.

MBI 111 Miami Stimulation of Non Specific Immunity & Disease Resistance Questions


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