McDonald Vegetarian Burger Creative Brief Project Paper

McDonald Vegetarian Burger Creative Brief Project Paper.

You have decided which product or service you will market for your final project. You have also described in detail your target market(s) and audience(s) as well as the media — television, radio, magazines, newspapers, social media, etc. — you plan to use. Now you need to develop the creative executions. Using the categories in the rubric based on “How to Write a Creative Brief” prepare a Creative Brief that you will use with the team who will develop your ads, radio spots, etc.

Background Overview – Provide two – three (2 – 3) sentences describing your business and the product or service you are using for your final project. What do you want the creative team to understand?
Objective – Using one or two (1 or 2) compelling sentences, describe one (1) or two (2) objectives that you would like to achieve with this marketing communications campaign. Do you want to introduce your product or service? Increase sales? Attract new customers? Do you want to your target audience to take some action? For example, “We want to attract new customers by offering a free trial of XYZ product or service.”
Target Audience – Who are you trying to reach? Remember that a target segment will have common needs and respond similarly to a marketing action. You may have identified multiple target audiences; for the purposes of this campaign, select one and be specific about who they are and what they need or want in terms of using your product or service. Think back to your work with personas.
Message – What are the major selling points that need to be included? What does the target audience need to know to choose your product or service? Include at least one (1) major selling point and three (3) supporting points that give your target audience a reason to believe your main selling point.
Tone – What tone will the audience respond to? Is yours a fun brand? A family bonding brand? Or a more serious brand? Is there language that should or perhaps should not be used?
Visuals – Are there brand graphics, logos, photos or other images that you want to use?
Details and Requirements – Does the concept need to work across media channels? For example, the campaign must work with TV, magazines, Facebook and Instagram. Is there anything that must be included? The fast talking legal disclaimers is an example of the details.
Assessing Competition – Who is your competition? What do they offer? Are they the leader and you the follower? Or the other way around? Why should your target audience choose you and not them? Where do they advertise? What tone do they use? Use at least five (5) sentences or bullet points to describe your competition.
Reference articles that support your choices. Use Wilmington University online Library and other credible sources for cited sources; not accepted.
Assignment Structure
Your Creative Brief is required to be between 2 and 3 pages (2 is the industry norm), not including cover page. APA format not required; use APA format for citations. Perfect spelling, punctuation, grammar.

NOTE: I got this comment from professor after last week’s paper. ” You will need to be more clear about your target audience. For instance, I will target the X% of Americans who want to eliminate meat from their diet at least one day a week. Then, from there, describe other aspects of people who want to eliminate meat one day a week, such as income, urban or rural, age, their perception of McDonald’s, etc.”

McDonald Vegetarian Burger Creative Brief Project Paper


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