MKT 3300 Troy University Research Questions over Subaru Car Company Discussion

MKT 3300 Troy University Research Questions over Subaru Car Company Discussion.

Question Description

Individual assignment – Answer 5 questions

  1. Answers should be single-spaced with 1 inch margins –
  2. Recommended length – approximately half a page for each question (the sustainability – #1- can be longer).
  3. Post links to articles and your answers in Canvas for each assignment.
  4. Must have links to articles in each answer to show support for your answers. Please no Wikipedia, for example.

Choose a well known company (it can be the one you had in the classroom).

Answer 5 questions total.

  1. Must answer this question
    1. Read and summarize key points in your company’s most recent sustainability report (this also may be called their corporate social responsibility report. What areas does your company focus on? What do they brag about/highlight or what are their points of pride? What are the plans for their future with regard to sustainability?

Choose 2 of the following questions to answer.

1. What types of research has your company done to help define their marketing, sales, branding, etc. efforts? Discuss and describe….This could be for market penetration, market development, product development or diversification (for example).

  1. Google “data analysis/analytics for (insert your brand)”, summarize findings and include article links as always. If that search doesn’t work, try to word it differently.
  2. Google “sustainable packaging improvements for (insert your brand)” or you can google “innovative packaging improvements for (insert your brand)”. Describe and discuss improvements made in packaging and the impact it has had, monetarily or otherwise, for the brand/company. Also, research how packaging improves the customer experience…..does it increase consumer purchase intent or increase satisfaction of the customer.

If that specific search doesn’t work, try to word it differently.

  1. Does your company use specific types of services unique to them that help differentiate their product/service? Explain. What augmentations have been used to update your company’s product/service or customer experience/. Or potentially google (Nike product augmentations for example).

Choose two of the following to answer.

Chapters 12 and 13

  1. In the diffusion of innovation curve on page 244, which sections describes what stage your company’s products are in? You can choose a specific product that your company makes. State the product and support your answer.
  2. See bottom of page 257, Characteristics of Different Stages of the Product Life Cycle. Pick a specific product/services that your company makes/serves and use this chart page 257 to determine which stage of the product life cycle your company’s product or services is in. Support and explain.
  3. Using the Gaps model on page 269, research your company and find examples of at least two gaps found in your company. Support and explain.

Use Subaru for the company. I don’t have the book but I’m sure you can find the requirements on the internet.


PLEASE avoid using unnecessary jargon

MKT 3300 Troy University Research Questions over Subaru Car Company Discussion


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