MKT 498 University of Phoenix Week 2 Buyer Behavior Discussion Question

MKT 498 University of Phoenix Week 2 Buyer Behavior Discussion Question.

I’m studying for my Marketing class and need an explanation.

Part 1

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

What motivates you as a consumer to purchase certain products? What are some of the factors that influence buyer behavior? Provide an example.

Part 2

Reply to at least 2 of your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses.

1. There are a lot of things that influence my purchasing behaviors. I tend to buy local and natural products. I like to stay away from chemicals and to look for alternatives to plastics and excessive waste. I tend to buy in bulk and try to reuse where I can. Additionally, if I do buy from a big store such as Walmart, Target or Costco, I tend to stick with what I know. I do not like to switch brands and I tend to keep my product selections the same. I know what is in them and how they taste/ work so it is not worth the trouble or disappointment to switch.

Buyer behavior is influenced by many factors, some of which are perpetuated by familiarity of a product. Meaning, if your mom or grandparents tend to use the product brand or service, you will probably use those same companies. Additionally, buyer behavior is largely influenced by marketing and the power of advertising. When a consumer is exposed to a marketing message and the message sticks they will turn to these messages when look to fulfill their needs.

Other influences could come from an image or social status you want to achieve. If a brand or product is being used by famous people or if the product tends to be obtained by people within a higher economic group, it could be appealing to those who wish to be in those same status groups. Think about the advertisements for sports cars and how the image portrayed is a fabulous life with sexy people who are living it up. The lifestyle seems to come with the car, right? Marketing is a powerful tool to create a idea that is associated with an image that people want to achieve.

2. Motivation can come in many different forms for me. Obviously there is a need for groceries so I don’t go hungry. Other commodities that are required as a necessity for life. However, products that I don’t really need to live but desire to either be entertained (video games, spotify subscription, streaming subscriptions), things that make me feel better such as health and beauty products (lotions, face masks, and scrubs). A motivation for these products are usually to satisfy the feeling of making my life better, easier, or improved in a certain aspect. Also For example, I recently bought Aztec clay so I could make face masks with apple cider vinegar, which I was told is the most impactful way to use Aztec clay so that I can make my skin look and feel better since I have always struggled with keeping my skin clear. I purchased the product on Amazon and it arrived earlier than usual. I used the product and found that it was very effective. I have done a lot of research online from product and customer reviews to videos of people using it themselves before I decided to try it for myself.

So I first had a need, then I researched the product thoroughly, and decided that it was worth purchasing for myself. I know that some factors that influence buyer behavior are social situations, age, different lifestyles and experiences can factor into a consumer making a choice in purchasing.

MKT 498 University of Phoenix Week 2 Buyer Behavior Discussion Question


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