Netflix 2018 Strategy Sufficient Competitive Strength & Aggressive Rivals Discussion

Netflix 2018 Strategy Sufficient Competitive Strength & Aggressive Rivals Discussion.

Question Description

Discussion Post 3:

As you continue to learn about competition, it is vitally important to apply the knowledge in order to increase retention. While you might not be in a position to achieve this within your workplace, you can work to implement this knowledge in other ways. Below are three quotes referring to competition. Please choose one and apply the knowledge you have gained from the text, your outside resource research, classmates, and any other area. I look forward to how creative you will be while solidifying your gained knowledge with supportive, documented points.

  • 200 words
  • Two peer responses 100 words. I will screenshot it and post it!
  • Make sure to reference at least one source, of your choosing, within your initial post to support your thoughts.


Netflix Case Study:

Netflix’s Strategy in 2018 Does the Company Have Sufficient Competitive Strength to Fight Off Aggressive Rivals?

Assignment Instructions

Please read the case study in Part 2 of your textbook – Case 14.

Watch: Inside Netflix’s Plan to Get the Entire World Watching

Watch the second video: Netflix’s Big Move into the Movie Business

Assignment Directions

Address the following questions in your analysis report:

What is Netflix’s strategy? Which of the five generic competitive strategies discussed in Chapter 5 most
closely fit the competitive approach that Netflix is taking? What type of competitive advantage is Netflix
trying to achieve? What does a SWOT analysis of Netflix reveal about the overall attractiveness of its situation?

The minimum requirement is 500 words exclusive of the title and reference pages.

APA formatting is expected with at least two outside sources (in addition to your text) cited in your paper.
Your submission should start with a title page that includes your name, the assignment, and a brief title.

Netflix 2018 Strategy Sufficient Competitive Strength & Aggressive Rivals Discussion


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