Neurological System of Bali Mynah Essay

Neurological System of Bali Mynah Essay.

Assigned animals: Bali Mynah and Barrow’s Goldeneye.

Cite your sources in any consistent format of your choice. You are expected to have several (the amount needed to get the job done, but at least five). Use these sources to support your arguments, rather than including superfluous ones (that is, having sources that are inappropriate will earn you a lower grade). Cite sources that make sense for your argument. Cite scientific papersand book chapters. NOT websites, and especially do notutilize Chegg. When citing a paper you looked up online, cite the PAPER, not the url. (2) Use in-text citations; and again, enough to get the job done. The papers you read should provide adequate example of how to do this. (3) Write clearly, and make sure all your facts are relevant and accurate. (4) Do not copy any significant section of text from another source, including any internet source. If you paraphrase anything at all, cite your source. (5) Do NOT paraphrase an entire research paper(s) you have read, and do NOT rely on the use of block quotes to glue several together. Your objective is not to write a book report; rather, it is to synthesize scientific information. (6) Most of these papers imply developing a thesis statement. The best papers will have a story to tell or an argument to give beyond the simple restating of facts.

For all essays, include the scientific names of any species you write about.

NERVOUS SYSTEM. Choose TWO of your animal species. Compare and contrast the general organization between your species’ nervous systems. Which species system has more organs, is larger, more complex? Is brain function localized? If so, which parts of the brain are particularly large/have expanded? Describe any unique adaptations and what this enables each species to do. Which species reacts to stimuli faster? Has better sense of smell, taste? (Where are these sensory organs located?) Which can respond to pain? Are either of your species capable of higher-level thinking? Why do you think any of these adaptations have evolved in this species but not the other? Then, note any similarities to human nervous systems.

Neurological System of Bali Mynah Essay


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