NMC Civil Society and Nonprofit Organizations Annotated Bibliography Paper

NMC Civil Society and Nonprofit Organizations Annotated Bibliography Paper.

Can you help me understand this Political Science question?

I have 10 sources I just want you to write a paragraph explaining the importance of each paper

This is an example:

Charountaki, Marianna. The Kurds and US Foreign Policy International Relations in the Middle East Since 1945 . London ;: Routledge, 2010. Print.

The issue that the Kurds are a non-state actor seems to have importance here since the current classes of thought in IR do not cover the non-state actors sufficiently. In this book, Marianna Charountaki examines the issue of Kurds in the US Foreign policy and maintains that the issue has not received the academic attention it deserves. She argues that the Kurdish issue has a significant implication for international and regional developments. She believes four factors are important in determining the Kurdish-US relations; the United States relations with states in the region, Kurds relations with the states in which they live; the regional states; the US and the regional states’ domestic politics.


1-Civil Society and the Voluntary Sector in Saudi Arabia by Caroline Montagu

2-Civil Society in Saudi Arabia: Different Forms, One Language by Mariwan Kanie

3-Saudi Arabia as a Global Humanitarian Donor by Khalid Al-Yahya and Nathalie Fustier

4- A Good Day to Bury a Bad Charity: The Rise and Fall of the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation by Yusra Bokhari, Nasim Chowdhury and Robert Lacey

5- Nonprofit Organizations In Saudi Arabia: An Analysis Of Impact Assessment Tools by Dalal Altuwaijri

6- Empowering the Saudi Social Development Sector Natasha M. Matic, Ph.D. and H.R.H Banderi A.R. AlFaisal

7- Investigating the Role of Organizational Culture in Facilitating Continuous Improvement within Saudi Non-profit Organizations by Sulaiman ALMAIMAN and Patrick MCLAUGHLIN

8- Voluntary Work in Civil Society: Saudi Women Volunteers as a Social Capital by Suad Afif

9- Domestic, Religious, Civic?: Notes on the Institutionalized Charitable Field in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

10- Women’s Empowerment Strategies in NGOs in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia-Exploring the Complexity and Challenges of the Cultural Context BY Khadija Abdullah Nasseef

NMC Civil Society and Nonprofit Organizations Annotated Bibliography Paper


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