Northeastern University Yun Ma Leadership Analysis Paper

Northeastern University Yun Ma Leadership Analysis Paper.

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(Great English is a must)

(1700 words, APA Format)

(Complete the work I already started)


Subject of the paper: Leader analysis paper – Yun Ma (CEO Alibaba)

Requirement: The purpose of this paper is to analysis Yun Ma from a leadership perspective. I already started the work but I need you to read it and add a minimum of 1700 words.At the end, it is expected that the paper will be more complex. Even so, you need to write RELEVANT information to the subject. I am writing under this requirement my professors rubric so you can see what the final paper should contain Please make sure that all these questions are answered in my paper

Paper should contain the following

Key Events. A short summary of the key events in this leader’s life that may have impacted Page | 8 their approach to leadership. Note: This is an analysis – not a biography. Do not write more than 1 page for this bullet point.

• Leadership Approach. Analyze your leader integrating the readings and key learnings from class. Demonstrate that you not only understand, but can use the conceptual ideas of the course in a written analysis. The most important aspect of the assignment is that you can connect our course material with your analysis of an extraordinary leader.

• How did this person approach their role as a leader? Does this leader demonstrate any of the leadership perspectives we covered in our readings and discussion? How does this leader help you develop valuable insights about leadership that you may put into practice? Provide examples of their actions. What was or is the impact of these actions?

• What distinguishes this leader from others whom you may admire? What makes this leader special – extraordinary?

• How does your leader build trusting partnerships that ensure successful collaboration and performance? What actions support your position? • Principles and Values. What were the leader’s espoused principles and values that framed their approach as a leader? How did they put these principles/values into action? Were their actions different than their espoused principles and values? How did these values and principles impact their company’s culture? Was there a link between their values and principles and company results (financial, retention, other)?

• Response to Challenges. Did the leader face significant challenges? How did they react to these challenges? What did these actions say about their leadership ability? • Results. What significant results were they able to achieve (you may wish to validate these results from sources other than one biography)? How did their approach to leadership contribute to their results? • Personal Perspective. Why did you believe this leader was extraordinary? After researching this leader do you still believe they were an extraordinary leader? Why or why not?

• Follow-up. Clearly discuss how each element of this analysis ties to your personal leadership and actions. How does this impact your view of leadership? What will you do differently as a leader based on what you learned?


*** The work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin by the professor. It is essential for everything to be free of plagiarism otherwise sanctions will be imposed***


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Northeastern University Yun Ma Leadership Analysis Paper


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