Ohio State University Museums and Art History Essay

Ohio State University Museums and Art History Essay.

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Assignment Details: (read these directions carefully!)


• The essays for this class have specific prompts. Make sure that you read the questions carefully and consider your answers.

• You must reference and cite the readings that you have chosen to discuss in your Essays

• Essays must be at least 350 words in length

Topic: Museums


• Museums in the community – we need them and they need us

• The role of museums in society

• Handout 2 – Protecting Peace Through History and Museums


TedTalk: Seeing the Past as Present: Why Museums Matter

• What Work of Art Inspired You?

• TedTalk: Reconsidering the Art Museum in the 21st Century


Look up 4 artworks in American museums or by American artists (in a museum anywhere in the world). One great way to do this is by choosing a museum and taking a virtual tour (many American museums have these available on their websites). Another way to do this is to look up more famed pieces of art that you know about and like and see what pieces by the same artist are in American museums. A third option is to look up an artist whose work you admire and then to search for their work in an American museum. You can start with this list of American artists as well –…

Essay 3 Prompts: Museums play an important role in communities as the protectors of history and culture, and as places where citizens can take in history and culture. Often, the greatest connection in a museum experience is with a particular piece of art – the image within a frame or a sculpture. For this essay I want you to think about what you read and watched, and also about the artworks that you researched. Answer the following – what drew you to choose the artworks that you did in your research? How do you feel connected to these artworks? Are you drawn to them because of how they look, how they make you feel, the subject matter? In your upcoming speeches you will have the opportunity to talk about one of these pieces with more depth, but here I would like you to talk about the artworks that you chose, and why as a society we need museums.

Ohio State University Museums and Art History Essay


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