Park University Control and Manipulation Experimental Methods Discussion

Park University Control and Manipulation Experimental Methods Discussion.

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Unit 4: Discussion- It’s All About Control and Manipulation: Experimental Methods

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Welcome to Unit 4. This unit begins the portion of the course about research designs. We begin with experimental methods and the power of these methods for establishing cause and effect relationships. You get the opportunity to examine experimental methods in more details.

  • Note: For your research proposal, you will be asked to identify a specific method. For the next 4 units (weeks), you will learn more about the various methods in detail. As you formulate your proposal, use the activities during these weeks to determine whether the method used that week will be the best fit for your proposal. As you determine fit, bear in mind the trade-offs for sampling, measurement, and determining cause-and-effect relationships.


  1. Go to the Park University Library websiteLinks to an external site.
    • Note: You will need your Park University student ID number and password.
  2. Select 2 research articles related to the area of interest for your research proposal that utilize an experimental method.

In the Discussion area

Present the following for each article:

    1. APA reference (this gives you practice with APA reference citations)
    2. Type of experimental design (Between, Within, or Mixed);
    3. How participants were assigned to conditions?
    4. How did they manage threats to external and internal validity (if at all)?
    5. Describe how the study may help you develop your own research project either methodologically or in terms of your question/hypothesis.

In summary, for this assignment, the skills that you are going to practice are: 1) Find, 2) Describe, and 3) Apply.

Due Dates

  • First post due by 11:59 p.m., Wednesday CT
  • Respond to two or more classmates by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, CT.
  • Response possibilities:
    • A link that brings in new information or helps the student you’re responding to
    • A substantial question (not, “what do you think?”)
    • A politely worded critique that shows either a flaw in your classmate’s logic, misunderstanding of the data, or a failure to fully answer the questions
    • A politely worded reply to any of the above.

Park University Control and Manipulation Experimental Methods Discussion


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