Pilot Error Cause of Several High-Profile Aviation Accidents Research Paper

Pilot Error Cause of Several High-Profile Aviation Accidents Research Paper.

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By Jean Denis Marcellin

This book is about teamwork and the concept of threat and error management, which are also two of the main focuses of Crew Resource Management. Your assignment will be to write a paper (4 to 5 pages) using the teamwork and TEAM concepts described in this book and then explaining how they were successfully used in two of the most remarkable aviation episodes of the modern jet transport era: United 232 and Qantas 32. However, I do not want the bulk of your paper to be a summary of these mishaps. We will already have discussed what happened in class. Focus on the concepts in the book and apply them accordingly to the subject matter. Re-creations of these flights are available on YouTube (‘Air Crash Investigations’ or ‘Mayday’) and you should use all resources at your disposal. Remember to adequately cite sources. Refer also to the module and material on Blackboard on Threat and Error Management. If you cannot adequately define a threat and an error in this context, you will be missing the point of this paper.

The following should be included in the ‘Pilot Factor’ paper:

Reference and explanation of the SHELL model.

Definition of a threat, definition of an error.

Explanation of the several management and leadership styles mentioned.

The difference in the cockpit between management and leadership.

A discussion of TEAM Communication, TEAM Awareness, TEAM Management, and TEAM Cohesion.

Relevant references may be made to UA232 and Q32. It should be assumed that explanations of the mishaps are not necessary as we have covered them in class. Any extended explanation in this paper is considered ‘filler’ material.

How this material will be used by you the aviator going forward.

Pilot Error Cause of Several High-Profile Aviation Accidents Research Paper


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