Pratt Institute Psychology of Gender Sex Roles Essay

Pratt Institute Psychology of Gender Sex Roles Essay.

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Answer the 10 questions.

1.What were some Victorian Era views about sex and its connection to physical/mental health?

2. From your reading on “Harmful Intimacy” by Cheryl Hicks that talked about Black women in Victorian Era New York City what was the main point of the reading? (essentially, how were views of Black sexuality different than those of White sexuality, and how was the treatment of Black women different than for White women?)

3. What is a sampling bias, and what are some typical biases in samples used for sex research?

4.Who was Magnus Hirschfield and why is he considered the founder of modern sex science? What kind of work did he do?

5. From your reading on penis size “Does Size Matter” by Janet Lever and colleagues, what was the main set of findings regarding the topic for both men and women?

6. What is the function of the clitoris, and where is the clitoris located?

7. What are the four phases of the sexual arousal and response cycle, and what is unique about the third stage?

8. Define the terms sex, gender, gender role, sexual identity, and gender identity. Make sure that each definition is accurate, and different than the definitions for the other terms. (yes you can use bullet points)

9.Broadly defined, what is a social learning theory (socialization theory)? And what cognitive aspects interact with social information to “teach” us about gender?

10.From your reading on Foucault and Motherhood by Angela Henderson and colleagues, what were the main findings of their article? Essentially, what is “New Momism” and what did they discover about it?

Pratt Institute Psychology of Gender Sex Roles Essay


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