PSY 634 SNHU Cognitive Neuropsychology Course Material Response

PSY 634 SNHU Cognitive Neuropsychology Course Material Response.

Question Description

Review the course outcomes and reflect on how you met those outcomes throughout this course. How will this course help you achieve your future career goals?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

Please respond to the initial post with a minimum of 300 words, and to each of the below student responses with a minimum of 150 words EACH!



This course has taught me a lot more about the field of cognitive neuropsychology than I would have known otherwise. I think reflecting on course objectives will be a great way to bring together everything we have learned this semester.

  • Analyze the relationship between psychological and physiological aspects of cognitive processes

I was able to reach this objective through learning about how the physical brain and the mind work together to make a human. I really enjoyed being able to link the function to the structure throughout our learning modules and see how damage to various areas affects the functioning of the brain.

• Analyze the impact that recent advancements in technology have had on the field of cognitive neuropsychology

This objective was met when we took an in depth look at MRI, fMRI, and other brain imaging techniques early in the semester. I learned a lot more about what each type of imaging is best used for and what they can each determine about an individual. I also learned that some are more helpful than others in diagnostics.

• Compare the neuropsychological functions of a normal functioning brain with those of individuals diagnosed with common cognitive dysfunctions

This objective was met several times over the course of the semester through our discussion posts and reading materials. I think the most helpful way this was met was through our final project. I chose dyslexia for my final project so my research has had a huge focus on what a normal brain looks like/functions like versus what a dyslexic brain looks like/functions like.

• Assess the appropriateness of employing neuropsychological methods in the diagnosis and treatment of common cognitive dysfunctions

This objective was met through our modules when we looked at specific cognitive deficits or disorders. The assessment tools and treatments for cognitive deficits take into account specific brain areas and the factors that affect them. I think the neuropsychological methods also take into account what else could happen due to damage to a certain area of the brain or what others areas of function are impacted by damage. We can learn a lot about the way we function through study of neuropsychology.

• Recommend possible coping mechanisms and prevention strategies for children and adolescents experiencing or who are at risk for common cognitive issues using the principles of cognitive neuropsychology

To be completely honest, I’m not sure if I know how I met this objective during this course. The cognitive issues I can think of that we discussed in this course are ones that stem from something in the brain. Therefore I don’t really think there are prevention strategies that could be taken. I do know that treatment strategies are typically pointed in the direction of improving cognitive skills that have been damaged for whatever reason.

Overall, I have learned a lot from this course and I greatly appreciate all of my classmates. I’ve learned a lot from each of you guys from reading your opinions and perspectives on the various topics we have covered over the last few weeks!


Review the course outcomes and reflect on how you met those outcomes throughout this course.

This course has been one of the more challenging ones for me. I didn’t know what to expect once the class started. In module two we learned about the relationship between the brain and our behavior. I did not know all the ins and outs of the functions of the brain and how they communicate with our body parts daily. I was also intrigued on how certain injuries to certain parts of the brain have such a huge impact on our development. It has been very interesting to learn about how much the advancement of technology has become a part of psychology. Researchers along with doctors can go in and conduct scans to see where abnormalities and deficits occur. I was able to meet some of the outcomes by reading our textbook along with utilizing the Shapiro library. Everyone’s discussion posts have also been very informative. I’ve enjoyed being given a subject to write about and seeing all the different perspectives of those in the class.

How will this course help you achieve your future career goals?

I am still not 100% on what I want for my future career. I know that ultimately, I want to work with children through Dept of Social Services, just not in what aspect. This course has allowed me to look at disorders and deficits in a different light. This class has taught me how to deal with individuals who have these disorders and give the best care from a psychologist standpoint. I’m looking forward to continuing with my education and finding the right career for me. Thank you all for your feedback throughout the term. Wish you all the best.

PSY 634 SNHU Cognitive Neuropsychology Course Material Response


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