PSYC 6014 Waldorf University Sensation and Perception Research Proposal Päper

PSYC 6014 Waldorf University Sensation and Perception Research Proposal Päper.

Final Paper (Research Proposal) for Students in PSYC 6014 (Grad Students) and PSYC 4041 (Lab Section):

For the graduate students (anyone registered for PSYC 6014), the final paper must be a research proposal that fits within the themes listed below. Also, students in the Lab course associated with PSYC 4041 will also be required to complete a research proposal as part of the lab. In all cases, the Research Proposal should clearly identify an area related to the science of sensation and perception (and within the theme), indicate a topic worthy of experimental investigation, provide sufficient but concise background information to frame the problem, propose an experiment that could be conducted to study the problem, pose hypotheses, and then discuss what you might conclude from the various potential outcomes.

Themes for research proposals: The research proposals need to be within the domain of sensation and perception, and also relate to one or more of the following themes:
(1) perception and aging–How perception changes with age, including multiple perceptual systems. For example, what happens when a person who already has vision loss ages and begins to lose their hearing as well…?
(2) perception on the go–driving, cycling, in-vehicle displays, infotainment, motion sickness, mobile phone displays, sports (viewing or participating), etc.;
(3) perception and technology–how does some aspect of sensation or perception intersect with some aspect of technology use?
(4) atypical perception–sensory or perceptual disabilities; perception in unusual circumstances; persons with unique abilities, etc.

PSYC 6014 Waldorf University Sensation and Perception Research Proposal Päper


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