Rasmussen College Cloud Computing & Network Virtualization Executive Summary

Rasmussen College Cloud Computing & Network Virtualization Executive Summary.

This assignment focuses on virtualization and securing methodologies.

With the merger of Bering with Unicorp, the board has come to realize that progressive solutions are necessary to defray some of the associated information technology costs. Company executives believe that using cloud technology and virtualization is becoming the standard for most companies.

The executive board is aware of cloud technology and virtualization but is apprehensive because they are unfamiliar with advantages, disadvantages, security issues and costs of this technology. The executive team is interested in your recommendations and are eagerly waiting for your forward-thinking viewpoint.

The board has tasked you with researching the potential for using virtualization in the organization and make your recommendations. You must write a report that the board will review that will share your key ideas and recommendations.

In this assignment, you are to develop a proposal for your organization that will address if you believe virtualization is a worthwhile investment that could yield eventual savings to the organization. In your proposal, address the following:

  1. The differences in security between a public, private and hybrid cloud network.
  2. Any SLA issues you may need to address.
  3. A discussion on how encryption may be able to help protect data.
  4. Address any potential security issues that are of concern for the organization.
  5. Update your Network Diagram by moving the online ordering application from the on premise network to the cloud. Use the following updated drawings:
  1. Chicago updated
  2. Denver updated

      1. Watch this presentation for an overview of the changes that have been made to the network drawing:

    1. Support the need for the use of cloud technology and virtualization within the company.
    2. Assess expected efficiencies in hardware infrastructure.
    3. Assess all security issues previously mentioned.
    4. Provide a compelling recommendation for solution providers and partners that could help the company secure a firm competitive advantage by using cloud and virtualization technologies.
    5. Provide a brief Executive Summary of how your design is meeting the strategic goals of the company outlined in the Course Project Introduction, if applicable.

    Notes on submission:

    • Insert the Visio diagram into the body of your design proposal so that THEY are active and editable. You should not be using screenshots.
    • Use at least three (3) quality resources as references in this assignment. Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.
    • Use professional tone and vocabulary, APA format, and proper spelling and grammar.

Rasmussen College Cloud Computing & Network Virtualization Executive Summary


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