Research 1: Stats for Psychology – Statistical Analysis

Research 1: Stats for Psychology – Statistical Analysis.

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Hello this is the work I need help with. It is a Statistical Analysis Report for Research 1: Stats for Psychology.

7-2 Final Project Submission: Statistical Analysis Report


Submit your statistical analysis report. In this submission, you will complete Section II, Parts C, D, E, and F; Section III, Part A; and Sections IV and V. You will then combine those with the work you have done in your milestones, revised to incorporate all feedback gained throughout the course. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final project.

Below is the feedback that I received for the Method that needs to be used for my data set.

Feedback for 4-2 Final Project Milestone Two: What Method Will You Use?

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Submission Feedback

Data Analysis: Sample Size: Your sample size is N = 425.

Data Analysis: Statistical Procedures: Correlation is the appropriate analysis for your data set because you

are looking at how two variables (month and temperature) relate to crawling.

Articulation of Response: Make sure to cite your sources if you use any. Also, it would be great if you

elaborated on your ideas some more.

Does the research question for your data set indicate (a) there is one sample and (b) the question aims to find

a relationship between two variables?

You want a correlation. A correlation determines the magnitude and direction of relationship between two

variables (e.g., amount of sleep 30 participants got and length of time they spent on treadmill next day).

Below is the feedback that I received for Hypothesizing

Feedback for 5-1 Final Project Milestone Three: Hypothesizing

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Submission Feedback

Hypothesis: Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis: You are definitely on the right track but we

should state your Null and Alternative very specifically to your data set.

So something like:

Null: Seasonal temperature does not affect the age of onset of infants’ crawling.

Alternative: Seasonal temperature affects the age of onset of infants’ crawling.

Below is the feedback I received for my introduction. Could you please give me an

appropriate introduction for the scenario I chose.

Submission Feedback

Introduction: Scenario:

Provide a more detailed summary of the scenario that you chose. For example, the general research

question, participants, study design should all be explained.

I chose Scenario 1 (Child and Adolescent Development. This scenario talks about babies and when they begin to crawl. Please do the Analysis on Scenario 1.

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Research 1: Stats for Psychology – Statistical Analysis


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