Rhode Island College Management Work Motivation Research Paper

Rhode Island College Management Work Motivation Research Paper.

These are the key learning guidelines for the three parts of this Research Assignment:

PART 1. (CONDUCT YOUR OWN RESEARCH) and Define/describe worker motivation and determine why knowledge of issues and factors affecting work motivation is critical for successful workplace leadership.

PART 2. (A): RESEARCH, DISCOVER AND DESCRIBE the pioneer studies and work that the 9 key management development leaders (listed below) conducted and reported during their times,

and PART 2 (B): DESCRIBE THE PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS of their work in the work place (then and now)

PART 3: Write YOUR PERSONAL ‘LESSONS LEARNED’ as a result of doing this research..

Follow these guidelines to write your assignment paper:

Part 1. Go on-line and search for definitions of work motivation and for explanations of why it is important for workplace leaders to know what motivates people at work.

Part 2. Search and read the studies of the workplace, the theories and the practical applications of work motivation that have been made by each and all the following people and describe what they presented and how it was useful for managing work and leading workers in their times and now.

a. Frederick Taylor

b. Kurt Lewin

c. Douglas McGregor

d. Abraham Maslow

e. Fred Emery

f. Ludwig von Bertalanffy

g. Frederick Herzberg

h. Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham

Part 3: IN YOUR OWN WORDS, write what you have learned from this research and how you can utilize it in the role of leader / manager.

Use the citations that are included in the document attached to this assignment file to help you get started in this project.. You should also find other sources on your own. One good resource is to explore ( … for example: go to Google and then frederick taylor …. kurt lewin …. etc. This could be a useful start .. but not the only source.

This assignment should take at least 6 to 10 pages to complete

Rhode Island College Management Work Motivation Research Paper


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