Richland College Abortion in Texas Research Paper

Richland College Abortion in Texas Research Paper.

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  1. Choose an issue and please find 2 peer reviewed articles from a newspaper, journal article, or book (if you can find one) This is a comparison and contrast paper, not a political opinion paper.
  2. Summarize their main points in a minimum 2 paragraphs for each author’s piece.
  3. Analyze them for any critical thinking errors. Look for slippery sloops, red herrings, straw man arguments, equivocation, and others from the list fallacies throughout the authors work. I am looking for you to break their arguments apart as if you were dismantling a car and looking at each part for errors. 3 per author.
  4. Compare and contrast each author’s arguments to each other on why their argument styles benefited their end game or needs of their issue. Which one has fewer critical thinking errors, and did the critical thinking points weaken or strengthen their argument? Which author has tackled the issue better with the best evidence? Use 4 other sources here to explain how your hated or favorite author could have done a better job arguing their point.
  5. What do you think the authors should have argued or used as evidence to better support their arguments? Name 2 Supreme Court cases that would have helped defend or hinder the author that you think did a better job. Explain why these 2 court cases are relevant to their issue and if there is a possibility of changing the courts mind in the future. If you have issues locating the court cases, come talk to me. These court cases must be cited properly.

Rules for the paper

-Double spaced

-You can cite your book if you want, but it cannot be one of the main 2 sources. NO wiki

cites. MUST HAVE A WORKS CITED PAGE or will earn a zero!

-Use at least 4 more citations from any article, journal, book, or newspaper for your to

support your changes in the authors arguments. 2 sources can be from any online location, besides wiki, sparknotes, or Blogs. I prefer you just go to an interest group (example- NRA or Brady Campaign) website and use their points. Please give a Works Cited page and use APA format. I use Owl Purdue university websites for citation. It’s easier on you. You need a total of 8 citations.

-If you go a Writing Center to have your paper evaluated or checked and it is corrected

afterwards; I will be very lenient on grammar. Please bring me a receipt of the visit with your name on it for my knowledge on the day the paper is due.

-One inch margins all around, page numbered, minimum is 6 full pages which does not include title page (Title, name, class number, my name, and date) or works cited. 12 point font in Times New Roman please. No huge spacing please in the paper. Please write the paper in normal paragraph form with NO bullet points.

Richland College Abortion in Texas Research Paper


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