RTL 2095 Johnson and Wales University Nordstrom Stores Research Paper

RTL 2095 Johnson and Wales University Nordstrom Stores Research Paper.

Question Description

Please complete all class assignments using Word Document. Write in paragraph form and complete sentence form unless otherwise directed. Proofread all work to eliminate errors.

1. Papers should be formatted using:

– double-spaced type

– 12 font size

– Professional-looking font (Calibri, Garamond, Arial)

3. Research papers must be presented in MLA format. You can find the MLA information at the JWU Library link. Only work presented in this format will be accepted.

Nordstrom Research Paper

  • Introduction: Watch the Nordstrom video below.
  • History of Nordstrom: Give a brief history of the Nordstrom’s Company
  • Identify all the channelsthat Nordstrom’s uses to service their customers (store, phone, web, social, or mobile) Discuss each in detail.
  • Research Nordstrom careers. Identify one position that interests you. What is the job description for this position? What are the requirements for this position? How can you better prepare yourself for this position? List three questions you would ask if you had the opportunity to interview for this position. Would you consider working for this company? Why or Why not?
  • Complete a SWOT analysis for Nordstrom’s. Strengths and weaknesses which are usually from within the organization and opportunities, and threats which are usually from outside of the organization. List all separately. What impact does the Covid 19 virus have on Nordstrom’s and how is that different from the impact on other retailers?
  • Who is Nordstrom’s competition? Explain in detail why they are Nordstrom’s competition.
  • After watching the Nordstrom YouTube video list 2 services offered by the NYC Nordstrom store and the pros and cons of each.

This research paper should be a minimum of 10 pages. You must have a works cited page and document all your information.

RTL 2095 Johnson and Wales University Nordstrom Stores Research Paper


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