Saint Leo University Marketing Plan of Safe Kids Worldwide PPT

Saint Leo University Marketing Plan of Safe Kids Worldwide PPT.

Students will work independently on this assignment to develop a marketing plan. The project is to choose an area of interest related to the human service field and develop a marketing plan for a non-profit organization.Students will research the agency of their choice and contact a local community agency to describe the graduate project they are working on and to acquire permission for the development of an initial marketing plan that incorporates the organizations goals and mission.

The project has two components:

  • The complete marketing plan
  • A PowerPoint presentation

The completed marketing plan should include:

1. Introduction Paragraph containing detailed description of the purpose of the marketing plan and what it will contain

2. History of the business, organization or agency

3. Organizational philosophy (values, mission, beliefs)

4. Description of the facilities, programs, products, and services available

5. Overall strategic goals and objectives of the agency/organization/program

6. Literature review on the organization/program/agency OR the services that provided by the organization/program/agency (minimum 10 references)

7. Historic marketing materials and organization image: quality issues, marketing materials (current message-slogan/logo, design – what marketing has been done in the past)

8. Write a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) about the agency/organization/program

9. Discuss the use of Internet marketing and Social Networking/ what can be developed

10. Develop a press release for the agency/program/organization

11. Design a new brochure/ Facebook page/ website/ or other marketing material that is not currently being used by the agency

Once your Marketing Plan is created it should be presented to the agency administrator or the board of directors.If approved, then proceed implementing the marketing plan at the agency.

The marketing plan should be a minimum of 10 pages and no more than 20 pages (excluding title page, references, and appendices). Students can find examples of marketing plans on the web and examples of many of the components of marketing plans in the textbook or in the texts used in previous Marketing classes for the HUS Administration program. APA referencing required. Use of the Dustin, and Royse, Thyer & Padgett texts plus 6 outside scholarly references required.

Also requires: black bold to each Heading

This is the website for the Saint Leo Core Values:

Powerpoint Presentation – 14%

Students will create a PowerPoint presentation on their marketing plan. Students will create a Power Point, with a minimum of 10 slides, utilizing speaker notes and embedded voice/audio

The presentations must include a brief description of the organization and an overview of the following sections of the marketing plan:

1. The history of the organization

2. Mission statement, values, and goals and objectives

3. SWOT Analysis

  • Overview of marketing plan for the organization

5.Discuss the Saint Leo core values of Community and Integrity within the Graduate Project.

Saint Leo University Marketing Plan of Safe Kids Worldwide PPT


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