San Diego State University Precipitation Reactions Worksheet

San Diego State University Precipitation Reactions Worksheet.

Question Description

Beyond Labz Precipitation Reactions

In this simulation you will carry out chemical 15 reactions, mixing different combinations of reactants and making careful observations of what happens. In the analysis, you will practice writing balanced chemical equations, predicting the solid produced and writing net ionic equations for reactions that produce a precipitate.

Download the Beyond Labz worksheet for Precipitation ReactionsPreview the document. Print this worksheet so that you can follow the directions on what to do, fill it in and submit it. (Please use this worksheet from Canvas instead of looking in the Beyond Labz software.)

Now launch the Beyond Labz software, and open the Chemistry Lab.

To launch the simulation look at the list of worksheets on the bottom left of the window. Click “Reactions and Stoichiometry” and then select “Precipitation Reactions”. The lab will then open.

Follow the instructions in the worksheet. It is a good idea to read through the entire worksheet first before you begin so that you are aware of what is expected.

As you progress through the simulation, fill in data and observations on the worksheet in blue or black ink. No pencil! Even though this is a virtual lab this is good lab practice and also important to make sure your submitted work will be clear enough to grade.

To help you get started you can watch a short prelab demo of Beyond Labz that I made as a narrated powerpoint presentationPreview the document or videoPlay media comment.

Notes on postlab questions in worksheet

In question 4 of the worksheet, in each reaction make sure you include state symbols (s, l, g, aq) for each reactant and product.

Identify the solid (precipitate) using this solubility tablePreview the document or use the table found on page 108 of the 9th edition of the Kotz textbook.

Refer to Module 3 Chemical Reactions presentations for help predicting the outcome of precipitation reactions and writing chemical and net ionic equations.

Preparing and submitting your work

After you complete the worksheet, take a picture of each completed page or scan them. Make sure the quality is good enough to view clearly. If I cannot read it, I will not grade it.

It is best to submit as a PDF or .jpeg (jpg) file. You can submit one file for each page of the table or combine them into one file.

It is best if you submit one file for each simulation.

Check out free PDF Converter (Links to an external site.) and free PDF Merge (Links to an external site.) tools to convert photos to PDF and combine multiple PDF into one file. SmallPDF (Links to an external site.) also has other free tools for working with PDF files.

Please name your file for submission using the convention “Lastname_FirstInitial_Reactions” replacing “Lastname” and “FirstInitial” with your own lastname and first initial (for example: Dutnall_R_Reactions.pdf).

San Diego State University Precipitation Reactions Worksheet


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