San Jose State University Development of An Online Game Discussion

San Jose State University Development of An Online Game Discussion.


Type and use

This was a kind of research study that helped me survey the utility of a specific online game. The major utility of the game came out to be the extent of entertainment that it provides to the gamers. It instantly changed the mood of the gamers and spread a positive vibe among the participants (Kircaburun, Jonason & Griffiths, 2018). The game was quite popular among the teenagers and the game reflected its skills and tactics in its various levels. It enhanced the personalities of the gamers and worked for the modification of the playing skills.


The purpose of the study was to understand the importance of data in the development of an online game. Online games are developed for entertainment purposes and also to provide some basic learning skills to gamers. It is necessary to collect and evaluate the market data and the skills of the gamers before developing specific games. The games must attract gamers and gamers must be able to analyze the difficulties of each level to cross the barriers associated with the games. Data analysis is done to understand the viewpoint and demands of gamers. Various kinds of data are analyzed and these are collected by surveying the market. The participants of the games have to understand the rules before playing the games. The details of each participant have stored the online games so that the developer can analyze the capabilities and utility of the games. These data are visualized with the help of the data visualization techniques and effective modifications are done for the enhancement of the game and its utility in the market (EMC Education Services. 2015).  There are various games that help the participants to analyze real-life situations and predict the barriers associated with the game. The data are also used to check the playing attitude of the gamers, that is whether the game is played in couples, groups or in single mode. The data are collected to analyze the popularity of the game in the market and the feedback of the participants is necessary to modify the placing of the games. The movie and aims of eh gamers can also be predicted with the help of such data.

Conclusion of the study

The paper concluded that the game had certain limitations. The major limitation is it is mainly played by male gamers. Female gamers show very little interest in the game. The game had to be modified so that every participant irrespective of their gender can play the game and enhance their mode of entertainment. The survey must have been done neutral to provide a mode of entertainment to gamers. It was an online game that was played with the help of the internet. Accounts were created by the participants and they could apply the game from any geographical location. Samples of the game were provided to the games over the internet so that it could be attracted to play the game and learn new things from the game.

Evaluation of methods

Various calculations and algorithms are used to predict the paying mode of the games. Some games are developed to play in single whereas others can be playing in groups. The study is conducted by collecting the data of the market survey using the datasets. The database would help the developer to analyze the type of game and its utility in enhancing the learning skills of the gamers. Qlituitave method of data collection was used in the development and survey of the game. Mixed methods of data collection were used to gather the various data in this survey of games.

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Identification of the essential factors which help to get the better value of the analysis is done with the help of the algorithms. The study gives an idea about the appropriate knowledge about the uses of the colors and the depth factors. The purpose of the attributes can be with the analysis process. The players get the knowledge about the limitation of the 3D gaming process. Overcoming the activity which is restricted and developed the new technique helps to overcome is also recognized with the help of the differentiated result of the algorithms. The activity of the human also can be recognized with defining  algorithms.

Analyze study outcome

Execution of the appropriate metrics is accomplished with the active method of the analysis process. The process of analysis gives the proper value of the algorithm.  The depth and colors are different for the different types of data set. The players can control the movement by choosing different settings. The game developer sets the various format which is associated with the different algorithms. The movement is recognized with the linkage and the joint of the models. The differentiated value is measured with the data of the skeleton types. The metrics are applied with respect to the coordinates. Generally, the 3D model has three coordinates with different data.  All the data is dependent on each other. The algorithms of G3Di is incorporated with the detection process by which the active movement and actions are rectified. The result shows the value of the automatically generated tables.


In this paper, the appropriate algorithms to run the model of 3D gaming can be found. The testing method of the help to evaluate the suitable framework to implement the developed technique to enhance the quality of the games. The evaluating result gives the real-time value of analysis. The dataset which gives the idea to solve the complexity of the action can be found with computing the result of the gaming algorithms.

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San Jose State University Development of An Online Game Discussion


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