San Jose State University Personal Production on Antigone Paper

San Jose State University Personal Production on Antigone Paper.

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3 pages

What themes in the play are important to you? Why? How does it resonate with you today? How is the play relevant? This requires deep analysis of the play. Be SPECIFIC about the choices you make. You must use examples from the text to support your statements.

  • Identify the core theme you want to explore and why.
  • You must investigate two characters in detail and how you interpret them for your production.
  • How does the Chorus function in your interpretation?
  • Address your setting: You may choose any time period, other than when the play was originally written (so no Ancient Greece) for your interpretation. Discuss the parallels you found in that period to Antigone’s struggle. Include a description of the new location and time period. What is happening in the world and that location at that time period: the given circumstances. How do the politics of the time enhance the themes of the play?
  • Address any design elements that you see in your show (sets. light, costume, sound, music). Antigone in Ferguson’s chorus sang new songs. Will you use music?
  • You may take any artistic liberties you wish, but you cannot change the main actions (plot); characters’ motivations and actions (you can change gender); or the final outcome.
  • How will use this play to engage with an audience? What do you want them talking about when they leave the theatre OR what conversation do you want to have in a post-show discussion with the audience?

Your paper must have a thesis statement that you will investigate throughout the paper. This is your thematic take on Antigone. Use quotes to support your arguments and statements.

    • The first section of the paper is the introduction. Present your thesis and what you plan to investigate.
    • The body: The next several sections are where you present the research that supports your thesis statement. This is where you will discuss character, chorus, setting, design, and any artistic liberties you are taking.
    • The conclusion sums up what you have deduced based on the critical research you have conducted.

San Jose State University Personal Production on Antigone Paper


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