Santa Clara University WK3 Khan Academy Video on the Scientific Method Paper

Santa Clara University WK3 Khan Academy Video on the Scientific Method Paper.

Question Description

Khan Academy Video on the Scientific Method

In order to complete this Discussion, you’ll need to review the Google Slides for this week plus the other postings in this module. You only need to post on TWO topics, but both must be in the same POST. If you post in different threads you will not be given credit. Responses should be in paragraph form and each question response should be numbered and correlate to the question number from the prompt. It’s best to save your answers to a Word or GoogleDoc in case technical difficulties occur.

Topic #1

  1. Explain the steps of the Scientific Method. Why is it useful?
  2. What is Pseudoscience? Please give an example of pseudoscience. It can be either one from the class presentation or another that you have found.
  3. When looking at scientific evidence, what type of research has the strongest evidence support/least amount of bias?
  4. Describe the two main classes of research. Provide details. (From video and from class slides).
  5. What is the difference between an independent variable and dependent variable? What is a confounding variable?
  6. From the class sides–slide 38 what color is the dress?

Topic #2 Research Bias

1. Marion Nestle speaks and writes extensively about research bias? Please explain what is happening with food industry research and why it is viewed as a problem. What needs to be done?

2. Do you think it is a good idea for the food industry to get academic experts to research specific benefits of their foods? Why or why not?

3. What can you, as a consumer, do to check to see if the research is unbiased and truthful and not pseudoscience? (You can use information from the any content you’ve reviewed in this module, including the slides.)

4. Discuss some of the key differences (from slides) of science versus pseudoscience.

Topic #3 Food Insecurity in College Research Article

Please review the Food Insecurity in College Research Article and answer the following questions:

  1. What type of Research–Experimental or Non-Experimental? Please explain.
  2. What was the Research Question?
  3. Were previous trends in Research Discussed?
  4. What is the Research Gap they are trying to fill?
  5. Who is the population?
  6. What methods were used?
  7. Did the study use “p values”? If so, how?
  8. What were the limitations of the study?
  9. Was further research needed?

Santa Clara University WK3 Khan Academy Video on the Scientific Method Paper


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