SCC Application of Microbiology in Industry Food Processing and Environmental Conservation Paper

SCC Application of Microbiology in Industry Food Processing and Environmental Conservation Paper.


Discuss how we can put microbes to work to facilitate our lives: from keeping our landscape clean to making delicious food and beverages. Review the Learning Activities in Module 9 to assist you with this assignment.


  • Recognize the importance of microorganisms in water and sewage treatment plants.
  • Describe food Microbiology, focusing on both preventative infection methods and the implication of specific microbial taxa in food preparation.
  • Describe the employment of microorganisms in industrial Microbiology.
1. if you need assistance with your search. Use these search strings or try some of your own:

Putting bacteria to work

Microbial fuel cell

Industrial microbiology biotechnology

Microbes in health care

Microbial taxa

Biotechnology and bacteria

2. Create a five-to-seven page essay summarizing various ways in which we employ microbes to our advantage. Think about their use in the food industry, waste management, health care, and conversion of waste product into fuel. Which of these applied Microbiology fields is of interest to you and has the potential for further development in your opinion3. Support all of your assertions with scholarly resources.4. Essay: This project should be in proper APA format. There is a requirement of at least THREE scholarly resources (Wikipedia is not allowed) and those resources must be no older than FIVE years old. a. Five-to-Seven pages, not including title page, reference page, or appendix.


-Develops body of presentation in logical order; each definition and topic to be addressed is present; concise information; provides specific and insightful evidence or research and knowledge of topic

-Each topic to be addressed is adequately explained; 2 specific bacterial pathogens and their growth requirements are discussed

-Chooses verbs that emphasize objective of presentation; numbers support content; essential facts only; directed to audience; captures the audience’s attention; no errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation or spellilng

-Student uses 3 or more reliable sources of information; references are correcty cited

-Student includes 5-7 pages in the presentation, not including title page, reference page, and/or appendix

-Student’s VeriCite score is less than 5%

SCC Application of Microbiology in Industry Food Processing and Environmental Conservation Paper


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