School of Visual Arts Mahjong Game in China Presentation

School of Visual Arts Mahjong Game in China Presentation.

Question Description

Please help me do a research powerpoint about “Mahjong” (a Chinese chess game

You don’t need to do the design part, you only need to do the research part and scripted presentation with slides. I want the presentation to be fun and have plentiful content. The speech script does not need to be too difficult, colloquial style would be great, not too long. Don’t put too many sentences on the powerpoint, put more images and highlight word or sentences on each slide. Remember to mark the titles for each pages. The power point should be 20-30 pages, Thank you!

Assignment Detail:

Choose an object that resonates with you. It can be anything you like, but should be something that stimulates you visually and critically. You’ll be using this as the pillar of your identity project, so choose wisely. Consider this objects materiality, history, lineage, function, and so forth. It can be old, attached with personal meaning, or brand new.

You will be presenting your object to the class in the form of a two minute scripted presentation or video which is a deep analysis of your object. The following weeks will be focusing on designing a larger project which relate to your object and research.

Show your research in the form of a scripted presentation with slides, or make a video. Keep your presentation around 2 minutes. Your main goal is to explain how the ideas in your object are expressed through form and/or function. These should be a combination of subjective opinions and objective thoughts. Be as specific as possible, research and present even the most obvious themes and physical attributes (they might not be so obvious to us). Work on forming an opinion of the object, and explain it’s significance culturally and personally. Your presentation can take quantitative form as a traditional powerpoint with comparisons, statistics, interviews and visual collections or it can be crafted as a visual exploration of the object. In both cases, keep in mind pacing, design, sequence, juxtaposition and tone. Your presentation should answer the following questions with thought and critical analysis of your object—
It’s history
Analysis of form
It’s users (past, present and future)
Associative meanings or other uses
Cultural context
Personal significance


Below are some previous student presentations to inspire you. Notice how each presentation follows the proposed outline, is well designed, and has a clear point of view.

School of Visual Arts Mahjong Game in China Presentation


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