Self Disclosure Topic of Concern Research Paper

Self Disclosure Topic of Concern Research Paper.

As you can see, this course examines the impact of interpersonal relationships as experienced in family, business, and social groups. Topics include personal well-being, self-disclosure, conflict and anger management, models of interpersonal relationships, and the social exchange theory.

This first assignment will ultimately become the first part of the final paper. I like to use a building block approach to assignments in my courses, in that each assignment builds on the next one and will be compiled into a comprehensive final paper. Most students appreciate this because it’s a more manageable method and a less stressful approach to writing research papers. So by the time we get to Assignment #5 you will have completed most of it already. In other words, Assignments 2-5 will be combined at the end and edited to flow as one document. Until then, each paper will look and feel like a stand-alone paper. So let’s get started on the directions for Assignment 2.

1. The first step is to choose a topic of interest to you from our assigned reading chapters in the text. Be sure stick with the assigned reading chapters so that your paper is relevant to our course objectives and material. Consider researching a topic that will also be of some use to you, either personally or professionally. This will allow you to yield some personal benefit from your research outside of class. Also, keep in mind that in a latter section of the final paper (Assignment #3) the focus will be about the application of your topic in relationships, whether personal or professional.

Suggested topics can include any major topic from the course competencies in the syllabus or from one of the chapters in our text.

2. Again, Assignment 2 is the first major section the of the final paper, but for the purposes of this paper, it will read like a stand alone paper about your chosen topic from the assigned reading chapters. This first paper will deal with the “what” regarding your topic. Simply introduce, define, and describe your topic in detail. Be sure to use multiple scholarly and academic sources, textbook, books, and peer-reviewed journal articles in psychology, counseling, or related disciplines. Avoid websites in general, unless they are from expert sources, list author’s name with doctoral credentials, and affiliated with a professional organization. Use of bogus or non-expert sources can result in loss of points in the final paper. There is no strict length requirement, but typically this Assignment #2 will be anywhere from 4-6 pages in length. I do not mind if you go longer, I applaud a thorough paper.

3. Always include a title page, abstract, and reference section with each assignment (appendices if needed). Again each assignment will look like a stand-alone paper. However, when you combine them for the final paper (Assignment 5) you will do some final editing to make it all flow as one paper with one title page, reference section, appendices, etc.

4. Reminder, Assignments 2-4 are only participation grades to keep you on track and moving forward. You are welcome to edit and change anything you want regarding these weekly assignments leading up to putting together the final paper (Assignment 5). In other words, if you reach the week of the final paper and you realize that you need to change something in your writing or content in Assignment 2, you are free to do so as much as you like, nothing is set in stone prior to turning in the final paper. The final paper, will be a fully graded assignment, which will be worth 30 points.

Self Disclosure Topic of Concern Research Paper


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