Sexual Identity Development Models Essay

Sexual Identity Development Models Essay.

Question Description

Review the Major Sexual Identify Models shared in our session model. Next, read the three case studies below. Select ONE case, to explain the following in paragraph form. Provide citations where appropriate; additional research is highly recommended.

Person’s name in case study:

1.Which model of sexual identity development theory or theories best help explain the particular case. Justify and support your answer with information directly from the model.

2.As a friend to this person, how might you provide support to this person?

3.Finally, list 2-3 additional questions or ideas you feel would be important to think about regarding this particular case.

Case Study A

Major is 12 years old and loves art and sports. He is an avid soccer player, and has been a member of his local neighborhood team for the last year. Lately, Major has been feeling very different from his other teammates; while he finds that they really enjoy talking about and playing pranks of other girls, he doesn’t find that interesting at all. He has also caught himself daydreaming about his teammate Luca, which he hasn’t told anyone about. He is not sure what any of this means, but the thought that he may not be like other boys makes him feel very embarrassed.

Case Study B

Priya is 19 years old and in her first year of college. Though she has had several same-sex crushes and encounters prior to college, she has always identified as heterosexual, and has seen no reason to change that. In recent weeks, however, Priya has found herself more steadily attracted to other women, and has gone out with at least one other woman since the year began. This has caught the attention of her cousin, who still maintains their family’s strict idea about gender and sexuality. When approached about it, Priya maintains that she is heterosexual; in her mind she is beginning to see herself as perhaps more fluid than that, desiring to be “less bound by labels and boxes.”

Case Study C

Jacob is a 20-year-old person with a penis who identifies as heterosexual. He has a lot of friends on his college campus and is well liked—especially by his girlfriend of two years (Rachel). At the same time, Jacob has become increasingly comfortable with his sexual attraction to Evan, another young man he met online. Jacob met up with Evan twice and both times they were sexually active together. Jacob never told anyone about this and still has sex with his girlfriend, however, he often thinks about Evan while having sex with Rachel.

Sexual Identity Development Models Essay


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