SMC Dental Hygiene I Saw This Thing on The Patients Palate Case Study Discussion

SMC Dental Hygiene I Saw This Thing on The Patients Palate Case Study Discussion.

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Session #1 Discussion – “I saw this ‘thing’ on the patient’s palate”

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As dental professionals, you will have the skills and knowledge to help your patients identify conditions that may be out of normal and of cause for concern. Instead of reporting these abnormalities as “that ‘thing’ I saw in the mouth, this course will provide you with the language and knowledge for properly describing oral conditions.

For this week’s discussion, please complete the following:

1) Do an internet search and find an image of an oral lesion of any kind.

2) Post a this image and using the descriptors provided in chapter 1, describe your findings. Here are some characteristics that may help you formulate a thorough description: History, location, distribution and definition, margins, size and shape, color, consistency, texture (noted by the square bullet points in your text). Don’t post what your lesion is as your classmates will be providing their guesses.

3). Provide the APA reference for your source. Use the formatting guidelines from your syllabus or from the following website: (Links to an external site.)

3) Respond to at least 2 of your classmates with what you think this lesion may be? You will not be graded on if you get the lesion correct or incorrect, but along with your guess, provide your reasoning why. Also, review their annotated bibliography. Provide any suggestions/guidance/corrections you see needed.

4) Make sure to go back and respond to your classmates if they answered correctly and if not, what other characteristics they could have used to help direct them towards the correct answer.


Follicular Lymphoma.jpeg

SMC Dental Hygiene I Saw This Thing on The Patients Palate Case Study Discussion


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