SOC 101 CSU Northridge Introduction to Sociology Discussion Responses

SOC 101 CSU Northridge Introduction to Sociology Discussion Responses.

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Chapter 15

  • Discuss how the social institution of the religion intersects with other social institutions in our society. In other words, how has religion shaped any other institution such as the family, politics, education, etc. Give examples of the consequences of this intersection from both the macro and micro level.

Chapter 16

  • Read and/or listen to the NPR story about education and money at this Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
    • What is the main argument of this piece?
    • Is this piece an example of a social conflict or functionalist view of education?
    • What is your personal response to this piece? Do you have any personal experiences that connect with this story?

    • Also Reply to this post: “Religion, in my country, has a huge influence on the way of life of the people. In Ethiopia, the people have deep connections with their religions either orthodox Christianity or islam( the two dominant one’s) and these religions affect other institutions like family and educations. I grew up in a Christian family and the culture, ceremonies and holidays of the orthodox Christian religion has a big impact in my upbringing as a child. The holidays of Christians and islam’s religions are celebrated throughout the country. The cultural ceremonies and the traditional teaching influence the life of every family in Ethiopia positively. There are schools that teach bible or quran in addition to other classes given at the school. I learned in a catholic school and I was learning bible as one class when I was in elementary school. At micro level, the religions affect the way of life of every person or family. Religion had an impact on the politics of Ethiopia in history. Religion and politics were not separated for long period of our history. The kings were also the head of the dominant religion of the country which was orthodox Christianity. The religion also involved in politics during the imperial period of my country. At macro level, the religions affect the way the governments rule the people especially during the imperial era of the nation. But that is not the reality existing in my country now. Religions and state are separated.“

SOC 101 CSU Northridge Introduction to Sociology Discussion Responses


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