SOC 116 Bryant and Stratton College Knowledge and Skills Discussion

SOC 116 Bryant and Stratton College Knowledge and Skills Discussion.

  1. Brainstorm and create a list of knowledge and skills needed to enter into and advance in your chosen profession. Consider the categories below and identify at least one skill or qualification from each of the categories that you think will be necessary in your chosen career:
    1. Education & Networking – What minimal educational requirements are needed to get an entry-level job in your field? Is additional education necessary to get promoted? Are there any certifications that will help you in your career? Are there any professional organizations you could join to meet professionals in your field? Do you know anyone who could help you make contacts within your profession?
    2. Career-specific knowledge and skills – What knowledge and skills do experts in your field possess that you will need to be successful in this profession?
      1. (For example, medical assistants draw blood, paralegals complete various forms and templates, accountants deal with accounts payable and receivable, etc.)
    3. Professionalism – What other knowledge and skills do professionals exhibit? These aren’t necessarily career-specific but are expected in all workplaces.
      1. (For example, what types of communication skills will you need? Is teamwork important? What about punctuality, dependability, and meeting deadlines?)
  2. For each knowledge and skill category above (education and networking, career-specific knowledge and skills, and professionalism), write a 100-150-word paragraph that explains why you believe the goals you’ve identified are important to help you enter into and advance within your profession. For each of the knowledge and skill areas you identified, write a sentence or two that explains how you will gain that knowledge or skill.

SOC 116 Bryant and Stratton College Knowledge and Skills Discussion


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