SPN1121 – PenPal Discussion 4

SPN1121 – PenPal Discussion 4.

Question Description

1. Refer back to what you’ve learned in your VHL Central Portales lessons.

2. Go to the Pen-Pal 4 Discussion Topic, and post a new thread:

Your pen-pal is coming to visit you and is interested in finding out about your childhood. Post an e-mail to your pen-pal describing your childhood using the imperfect form of the verbs to express habitual actions in the past. Your post should be at least 6 sentences long.

“Hi, it’s Shelleena!,

I hope all is well with you. I am happy that you are coming to see me and wanted to share with you things about my childhood. As you, I was born in Jamaica and I grew up there most of my life. I use to love playing with my neighbors in the front of their house or the back of my yard. We would get in fights one day and then the next couple of days we were friends. I use to love going to the yearly fair where they had the merry go around and the haunted house. In America, they celebrate Halloween but not in Jamaica. I also use to love licking the cake tin at when mummy bake Christmas cake. I have so much more to share with you when you come.

See you soon!


3. Return to the Pen-Pal 4 Discussion Topic after you’ve completed step 2, and post a reply to one of your classmates’ new threads in which you:

Find a classmate’s initial post that does not have any replies yet. Post a question to another classmate about his/her childhood.

4. Return to your initial thread (from step 2) in the Pen-Pal 4 Discussion Topic, and read the question posted to you on your thread by a classmate. Then, post a reply to this question in which you:

Respond to the question of another classmate using full sentence.

SPN1121 – PenPal Discussion 4


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