Strayer University Red Crescent Crisis Management and Incident Response

Strayer University Red Crescent Crisis Management and Incident Response.

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Part 1

  • Compare and contrast crisis management and incident response. Explain in your own words how these processes and strategies differ and how they are alike.
  • Discuss whether or not you believe most companies adequately prepare for crisis management and consider whether the amount of preparation conducted is on the same level as other contingency planning efforts.

Part 2…

  • From the link above, give your opinion on the most beneficial assistance service the Red Cross can provide in times of crisis. Determine the most important preparedness pointer that is provided in the position paper and support your answer.
  • Consider a potential crisis on a regional or national level in which you believe a federal agency(ies) and / or an organization(s) such as the Red Cross might be involved. Identify the crisis and the federal agency(ies) and / or organization(s) that might be involved in helping to mitigate this crisis. Explain the role(s) of each agency that would be involved in the mitigation.

Part 3

  • Provide three examples that demonstrate how security can be instilled within the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Provide twoexamples on what users may experience with software products if they are released with minimal security planning.

This are discussion points a minimum of 250 characters per part.

Strayer University Red Crescent Crisis Management and Incident Response


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