SU Push Factors that Led Individuals Seeking Refugee Status Discussion

SU Push Factors that Led Individuals Seeking Refugee Status Discussion.

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America is a country of immigrants who often don’t seem to like immigrants.In the history of our country, there has been times when anti-immigrant sentiment has been in ascendance and times when we have been more accepting. It has been argued that America is in one of those periods where anti-immigrant feelings towards Hispanics is on the increase.In his opening remarks declaring his candidacy for President, Donald Trump in referring to undocumented immigrants from Mexico stated, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”.This theme of America being under attack from immigrants, the need for a border wall and the decision to separate families at the border have all been in keeping with this trend.For this assignment I want you to compare this current anti-immigrant sentiment to past periods and past groups.What do they have in common, what is different?What are the facts when it comes to the issues today.Are undocumented immigrants taking jobs away from Americans?Is this group a source of crime?Will a wall on our southern border help solve the problem.What is the difference between a person seeking refugee status and just crossing the border.What are the push factors that have led to an increase in individuals seeking refugee status?

SU Push Factors that Led Individuals Seeking Refugee Status Discussion


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