Temple University Online Sex Education Videos Comparative Discussion

Temple University Online Sex Education Videos Comparative Discussion.

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Comparison of Online Sex Education Videos

Select a sex education topic of interest to you. Locate 2 informational videos online on this topic. Youtube has several available, but you are not limited to that site, but the videos should be generally available to the public. 

Part 1. Definitions. 

Define the terms formal, hidden, and evaded curriculum as Jessica Fields explains them. Explain the sex education topic of the videos and why it is important to learn about. 

Part 2. Independent Analysis of Each Video. 

Provide the URL and title for each video followed by your analysis. For each of the two instructional videos on your chosen topic, consider these questions. In addition to the video content, you might also consider the context of instruction (the fact that the video is online, the kind of website and links available, etc.) 

1. What is the formal curriculum? 2. What is the hidden curriculum? 3. What is the evaded curriculum? 

Part 3. Comparative analysis 

Compare the quality of these two videos and select the one that is best. 

4. Which of these videos is better for promoting overall agentic sexual subjectivity? Why? 5. For best of the two videos, how could it be improved? 

Please write approximately 2 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, and label Parts 1, 2, and 3.. Beyond providing the URLs, there is no need to document any additional sources with formal in-text or bibliography citations. 

Please attach the links to the two videos

Temple University Online Sex Education Videos Comparative Discussion


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