Tri C English Colonization Economic Depression Questions

Tri C English Colonization Economic Depression Questions.

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Answering the following questions of History:

1. TRUE or FALSE The following European colonies (“primitive outposts”) – Santa Fé, Québec, and Jamestown – were all established within THREEyears of each other.

2. FILL IN THE WORD “Ireland which nominally had been under English rule since the twelfth century, became an early scene of that rivalry. The Catholic Irish sought help from Catholic [fill in the nation: ] to throw off the yoke of the new Protestant queen.”

3. Which of the following accurately describes Englishman Francis Drakein the 16th century?A) Queen Elizabeth’s chief finance minister B) A sea captain who raided Spanish ships and sailed around the world C) a well-known soldier fighting in the Irish campaigns D) one of the best-known writers advocating English colonization E) the organizer of England’s Roanoke Colony

4. Which of the following accurately describes the military showdownbetween Protestant England and Catholic Spain in 1588?A) a massive land battle northern Spain B) a combination naval and military battle in and around present-day Florida C) a combined Spanish and Dutch force fighting the English near present day Bristol, England D) Spain sending the mighty Spanish Armada, only to be defeated in the English channel E) a northern Atlantic naval showdown 500 miles southeast of present-day Greenland

5. Which famous English literary figure coined the phrase “scepter’d isle?”A) Ben Johnson B) Edmund Spenser C) William Shakespeare D) Christopher Marlowe E) Lord Byron

6. During the late 1500s, many poor farmers from the eastern and western districts of England began fleeing to America when “economic depression” hit what industry?A) silversmithing B) woolen C) grain harvesting D) dye making E) glass blowing

7. Primogeniture is a legal term often used to describe:A) trading contracts between merchants and ship captains B) how someone inherits a landed estate C) how pensions are paid to veteran officers D) punishing sailors who commit mutiny E) the agreement between kings and joint-stock companies to establish colonies in the New World

8. TRUE or FALSE The original goal of the Virginia Company in Jamestown was to make money and possibly liquidate the company within a FEW YEARS.

9. FILL IN THE NAMES (1 point each): Identify the name of individual associated with the event or accomplishment from the Jamestown colony.a. the young adventurer from the original Jamestown voyage; he imposed the rule for the other colonists: “He who shall not work shall not eat.”:b. married Indian princess Pocahontas and died in 1622 Powhatan attack: c. Jamestown leader who used “Irish tactics” to attack the Powhatan Indians during the First Anglo-Powhatan War:

10. FILL IN THE WORDS (1 point each): “It had been the Powhatans’ calamitous misfortune to fall victim to three Ds; disease, (fill in the remaining two words: ).”

11. TRUE or FALSE Established in 1612, the first significant cash crop of colonial Virginia was TOBACCO.

12. TRUE or FALSE By the end of the 17th century (years 1601-1700), POWHATAN INDIANS made up approximately 14% of colonial Virginia’s population.

13. Which of the following explains the reason for Lord Baltimore establishing the colony of Maryland in 1634?A) to create a religious refuge and opportunity to own huge estates for English Catholics B) to create a safe, opportunity filled society for England’s reformed criminals C) to create a colony where debtors could work on land to pay off their debt D) to develop key English harbors for its navy within the Chesapeake Bay E) to create a safe refuge for persecuted Irish

14. FILL IN THE WORDS (1 point each): Answer the following questions about colonial West Indies.a) the main cash (“rich man’s”) crop:b) what European power took possession of Jamaica in 1655:c) the infamous (named after the West Indies island) slave code of 1661:

Tri C English Colonization Economic Depression Questions


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