UC Operational Excellence IT and Non IT Classmate Responses

UC Operational Excellence IT and Non IT Classmate Responses.

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Main topic of discussion was :-
This week we focus on the movement of traditional IT staff. To facilitate cultural assimilation, IT and non-IT must become more integrated. What are some strategies to implement to allow this type of interaction to occur?



Sharath Dhaipully

Week 3 Discussion

Today’s IT official is concerned with creating so many different systems that work together for the competitive pressures as well as the e-business ecosystem. Configuration hardwiring is an application to another; all the time, money, as well as lack of consistency that comes with a strategy, is not going to get you through.

Cultural assimilation:

Cultural assimilation is a method that reflects mostly on operational dimensions about how technology is implemented socially, such as the functions of the IT division, and how it will be assimilated into the enterprise as a whole. The type of cultural assimilation created by technical dynasty and established in ROD is subdivided into two categories: the analysis as to how the IT company interacts and integrates with “others” and even the actual change or transfer of conventional IT workers from an independent central system to a firm-wide, corresponding setting (Langer, 2018).

Strategic Integration:

Strategic integration is the process that describes the organizational influence of technology on business operations. In other words, the business-strategic influence of culture needs immediate organizational reactions and, in such cases, zero-latency (Langer, 2018). Strategic integrations are of five forms, scope driven, minimal, overambitious, complex, and reach driven. For multi-business corporations, CSI (Complex Strategic Integration) is the one they seek. Two complex strategic integrations can have challenges, which are managing the tensions and, secondly, managing the transfer and sharing of resources.

IT strategies to implement:

The ability to assimilate technologies has a profound impact on corporate structures, on how they are shaped and re-established, and on what The workers may need. It is essential for IT to better integrate with the non-IT personals (E.A., et al., 2017). A balanced scorecard is one of the ultimate frameworks that enable strategic in four different measures, such as customer, learning and growth, financial, and internal business processes. Balancing scorecard provides tracking and checklist both in sustainable and structured, but not perfect.


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Langer, A. M. (2018). Information Technology and Organizational Learning: Managing Behavioral Change in the Digital Age (Vol. Third Edition). CRC Press.

2)Ravitej Anook Kallur

Traditional IT workforce structures commonly have a pioneer and one of a kind layers of assistant. In a normal association, occupations are gathered. In a fractional structure, each specialty unit leads its very own exercises, as an example, deals, selling, and making ready. standard positions are occupations that regardless of the whole thing hold up conventional strategies in achieving their paintings. standard positions are steadily floating far from society the equal wide variety of people will, in preferred, are searching for after profession methods which can be moreover encouraging, as an instance, specialist or designing.

A few techniques to put into effect to allow this kind of interaction to arise are as follows: Specifying the necessities of coverage: policy requirements may additionally fall beneath sensible prerequisites, but, there is no widespread that you may exclude strategy necessities as a particular magnificence of necessities if doing so encourages you to recollect each contingency,we’re going to take a gander at strategies in greater element in a later element, but, in the mean time, how about we walk via more than one mind for techniques recognized with making sure about the inspiration:

1.User regulations

2.Community get admission to policies

3.Far off access regulations

4.Wireless rules

5.Community administration/community control guidelines

6.Server guidelines

7.Firewall, IDS/IPS, DMZ guidelines

8.Regulatory/compliance guidelines guidelines

10.criminal regulations

Better Learner Content : This kind of communication happens when IT staff themselves acquire data legitimately from the association’s materials. It happens at whatever point they interface with the content or are profoundly immersed with the substance.

Associations consider student content cooperation the most pivotal type of communication since this is the place learning happens. When staff access learning materials, for example, mixed media, talks, and freebees, they ought to have the option to devour it in their own specific manner.

Using resources : In the market, the utilization of various programming, applications, and equipment in business changes the idea of working and efficiency. With the utilization of IT in business, it keeps application intuitive and active. In a little scope of the business market, it utilizes programming like Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, GSuite, and some more. It utilizes shared programming applications to upgrade efficiency in the market. By utilizing all the applications, programming, and equipment, it removes the data of a client through information mining.

References :

Miniwatts Marketing Group. (2018, May 23).

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3) Sri Priya

Strategies on interaction of IT to Non-IT

Since the advancement of technology in modern society, corporates have adopted the use of technology and its components in business activities for efficiency and profit-making. These have enhanced the generic aspect of technology based on the integral and strategic impacts of the organization that enhances competitive advantage in the market. Technology dynamism has enabled corporates to undergo an organizational change in its business operation by factoring the use of technology in their departments.

According to Langer (2017), cultural assimilation in the corporate sector enables firms to focus on the organization adopts a uses the technology in their whole departments in the organization. These enhance good interaction between IT and Non-IT to enhance the excellent response of emerging technology decision that might impact business performance. Through the use of proper communication and displacement of traditional structure enable smoothly integrated framework. Cultural assimilation enhances cultural change in the organization where corporates adopt the emerging technology in their business operation through IT governance, ROD, and job description to perform the tasks in the firm (Langer, 2017).


The adoption of cultural assimilation in the corporate sector enables organizations to technology in their business operations. There are numerous strategies that corporates may adopt to ensure smooth strategic integration of technology. These include the creation of dynamics internal processes to ensure new technology fit the business values, organizational learning practices that would train the staff, especially the Non-IT on how to work with new technology in the departments (Langer, 2017). Monitoring technological investment and enhancing accountability based on the modification of the products life cycle.

Proper communication is an integral aspect when a corporate want to enhance cultural assimilation in the business processes. Therefore, the management and staff members need to communicate based on the decision-making process based on the technology dynamism. Through the evaluation of the technology business cycle, the corporate can comprehend the technology dynamism through the five components of the cycle (Langer, 2017). These enable the organization to make decisions based on replacement or outsourcing, drivers or supporters to cultural assimilation success in the adoption process by the firm.

UC Operational Excellence IT and Non IT Classmate Responses


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