UCSB Impact of Education Levels on Mothers Research Paper

UCSB Impact of Education Levels on Mothers Research Paper.

I need the bibliography and the dependent/independent variables in 12 hour but you can work on the whole research for a week I can extend the hour once I receive the bibliography and iv/dv

based on the idea I provided come up with a designed study

the study should include background information. introduction of the dependent variable and independent variable. the hypothesis, method use like toward Participants how to know the result, Design,Measures,Procedure,Statistical Analysis, bibliography

I put my idea and an example down there as far as you have everything included don’t need to be that long

this is a psychology research so NO in-text citation only paraphrase you can found more sources to use.

Here is one I found Sternberg, R. J. (2018). The triarchic theory of successful intelligence. The Guilford Press.

Idea: The impact of education levels on mothers to the skill development of the children will be assessed in depth. More specifically, the proposal will seek to explain whether increasing education attainment among mothers with lower education would result in an improvement in the skill development of their children.

theory I found: Among the various theories of intelligence, the theory of Robert Sternberg, which was referred to as the Triarchic Theory of intelligence. Robert Sternberg, intelligence was not a general aspect but an adaptation to the shaping and the selection in the real-world environment, which are in a person’s life (Sternberg 2018).

UCSB Impact of Education Levels on Mothers Research Paper


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