University of California Los Angeles Bob Marley Artist Research Paper

University of California Los Angeles Bob Marley Artist Research Paper.

Please type your paper in 12-point font only.

Do not use bold font anywhere in the body of your paper.

Your paper should be THREE (3) pages PLUS a separate page to list your sources.

Each page must include your full name, title, and page number.

Please organize your paper according to the outline below and make sure to address the bullets.

Provide biographical information about the musical artist including:

  • the artist’s date and place of birth
  • the artist’s date and place of death (if deceased)
  • the artist’s childhood and family life (early life)
  • the artist’s general and musical education (early life)
  • the artist’s early and late musical influences
  • the artist’s social and cultural status within his or her home environment.

Discuss information about the artist’s musical career including:

  • the artist’s musical achievements
  • the individuals that the artist has worked with
  • the artist’s influence on the musical genre
  • the artist’s contribution the evolution of the musical style that the artist is known for
  • the artist’s political, social, and/or cultural impact on his/her own local environment
  • the artist’s political, social , and/or cultural impact on a global scale.

Describe the artist’s music with musical examples:

  • the names and types of instruments used
  • the basic rhythmic content (busy, slow, fast, layered, repetitive, unpredictable, etc.)
  • the basic musical structure and form (circular or linear with a defined beginning/ending
  • the meaning of the words, lyrics, and story being told through the music (if applicable).

Write your opinion about the artist life and the artist’s music.

Ask yourself these questions and express your thoughts…. ..

  • Do you like all, some, or none of the artist’s music? Which songs? Why?
  • How do you view the musical, social, cultural, and political influence/of the artist?
  • Can you relate the artist’s music and other accomplishments to your worldview?

List your sources on this page. Please do not list Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engines as sources. Wikipedia can be listed as a source but it cannot be listed as the only source as it is not yet academically reliable without additional sources.

Important: If you use a direct quote” from any source, cite the source in (parenthesis).


Choose ONE (1) of the following individuals only as the subject of your Artist Research Paper:

Malian Mande Vocal/Jali Artist Salif Keita

Malian Mande Vocal/Instrumental Artist Ali Farka Toure

Cuban Salsa Vocal Artist Celia Cruz

Jamaican Roots Reggae Artist Bob Marley

Brazilian Bossa Nova Artist Antonio Carlos Jobim

University of California Los Angeles Bob Marley Artist Research Paper


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