University of Chicago Issues Facing Veterans in Higher Education Research Paper

University of Chicago Issues Facing Veterans in Higher Education Research Paper.

I have attached the document to use in the uploaded field. Please use the below comments for the paper.

I think you might be having some difficulty understanding the issues the program director has brought up in regards to this proposal…so I think the best approach for us is to work on small areas, but lets address the really important ones first…then we can review some of the other revisions you have made.

I am attaching your highlighted version with my comments in the first couple of sections. I really delved in and evaluated each sentence to see what might be missing in a reader coming to an understanding the organizational problem. I think it is matter of getting your writing to a more advanced level and oriented toward a reader.

Lets have you work from this highlighted copy as you revise and do tracked changes right in this copy so I can see the highlighted areas…and your newest revisions in red.

Right now I think you need to give yourself time to reflect on how you might best present the AGIF as an organization and their organizational problem related to veteran experiences in higher education:

1) Since your study seeks to understand veteran experiences while enrolled in college….and this seems more geared to be an organizational problem for colleges and universities…so providing more information on the AGIF will help the reader better understand the organizational problem here.

2) What does the AGIF do as an organization and what is their specific problem associated with veterans enrolled in higher education? I think part of the problem for the program director is the proposal doesn’t discuss the client organization with any detail…so it is unclear how your study will help them solve an administrative problem.

Please let me if you don’t understand any of my comments. Keep working hard on this…you are making progress!

Please include the date in file name of the proposal…so we can more easily keep track of your drafts!

University of Chicago Issues Facing Veterans in Higher Education Research Paper


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