University of Evansville Physics Torques and Center of Gravity Lab Report

University of Evansville Physics Torques and Center of Gravity Lab Report.

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Hello, due to the COVED-19 Crisis. I have gotten a little behind on my Physics lab, Therefore, I need help finishing up this Physics lab: Torques and CG

I’ve attached a data spreadsheet. I’ve also attached a copy of the experiment, I suggest you start this experiment by watching the four videos on You Tube that explain it.

The videos for this experiment are Torques 1, Torques 2, Torques 3, and Torques 4. Watch them in that order. Then after watching those, start reading the experiment in the manual and doing it, as though you were doing it in the lab. You may find it helpful to go back and re-watch some of the videos as you progress through the experiment.

You’ll find measurements you need in the Torques Data spreadsheet. In the same spreadsheet, you can record results of your calculations. Every cell that’s yellow will require you to enter a value. Always record units in the next column to the right. Here and there in the spreadsheet, I also throw in some bits of guidance.

It’s possible in some places you might find it helpful to change the formatting for a cell. You might need to change the number of decimal places displayed in that cell in order to properly display your value. If you show a couple more significant figures than you properly should have, we will overlook that. But you don’t want to show too few. If you find you can make things more clear by adding a row or column here or there, that’s fine.

The lab manual uses Greek letter tau for torques. But in the spreadsheet we use T instead.

Thanks In advance,

Please let me know if you have any further questions

University of Evansville Physics Torques and Center of Gravity Lab Report


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