University of Michigan American Film Stubs Bibliography

University of Michigan American Film Stubs Bibliography.

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This is a proposal paper+ annotated bibbliography.

In this first assignment for our unit you will be setting out your proposal for the Wikipedia page that you intend to create this semester. Please see this example (in attached file) that a past student has kindly granted permission for you to view. (Note: this student has a description of the topic at the beginning but does not describe the sections. In your assignment you will be describing your sections in a few sentences). Word count at least 1000

You should think of this assignment as offering proof that your proposed topic is verifiable and notable; that it doesn’t involve any original research(including your own); and finally, that it offers a neutral point of view. You are also setting out to prove that your article has sufficient evidence and interest to stretch to one final paper by the end of semester, and that the evidence coming from multiple, non-biased sources . You might discover in the process of writing this proposal that your proposed stub is not going to make it. That is part of the purpose of this task so it’s essential that you start working on it from Week 2. Think of this as a space to test whether your chosen stub can go the distance. If you discover that you cannot provide sufficient evidence, then you need to find a more viable stub. You must convince your tutor–and yourself–that this Wikipedia article is worth pursuing for the duration of semester.

Everything you include in your Word document must be your own work. Do not copy and paste in anything that already exists in your chosen stub.

Your proposal must be submitted as a Word document and follow this format:

  1. the Stub title (what is your article going to be called?)
  2. the proposed titles of sections within your article and a description of each section (you must list at least 4 sections including a description for each). Check out similar pages for an idea for how to structure your article. Some stubs will already have a lead section, others will not. If your chosen stub doesn’t have a lead section, you can include one in this assignment as one of the four sections within your article. For this task, you should not copy into your Word document any part of the Stub article that is already in the Wikipedia main space.
  3. reference list of 5 sources that you will draw on to start writing your article (these must be GOOD sources according to the standards of Wikipedia, the University, and your chosen topic area. Again, check out good quality articles in order to see what qualifies as relevant and usable sources). The sources used for this proposal must be in English. You must privilege academic sources where possible.
  4. make sure you consistently adhere to the conventions of one referencing style – MLA, APA for example – for in text citations, or footnotes, and your reference list
  5. an annotation must follow the bibliographic details for each of the five sources stating how each will contribute to your article (tell us briefly HOW you are going to use each source and WHY they show that your chosen stub article is worth expanding. Be sure to pick sources that are of a high standard)

Learning outcomes:

When you have completed this assignment, you will have developed some experience with:

  • writing in a global electronic network
  • producing public knowledge
  • making authoring choices within the frameworks of intellectual property and open licensing
  • mastering the technical challenges of writing on wiki
  • mastering the cultural challenges of creating and promoting writing within the rules of an electronic discourse community

University of Michigan American Film Stubs Bibliography


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