University of Michigan Week 4 Venezuela Under Hugo Chavez Discussion Questions

University of Michigan Week 4 Venezuela Under Hugo Chavez Discussion Questions.

Question Description

In a word document, answer the below questions using complete sentences and your own words. I suggest copying and pasting the below questions and points breakdown in your word (or similar) document so you can go back through your answer to make sure you have completed every part of the questions.Total word count at least 900

Do not work with anyone else on this exam and rely on course material (videos, readings and media) only. Copying from the internet will both be easily caught, will likely yield the wrong answer, and will result in a failing grade. Just don’t do it. There is not a strict length requirement for your answers – generally speaking complete answers are 2-3 substantial paragraphs. A good way of checking if you have answered all of the question is to check your answer against the points breakdown listed below the question.

1. What are the defining characteristics of populism as a political/governing strategy and why is it potentially damaging to a country’s political system? Throughout your answer, draw on examples from Venezuela under Hugo Chavez and/or Nicolás Maduro to illustrate both the characteristics and the damaging effects of populism.

Points breakdown: discussion of defining characteristics of populism (4 points); discussion of damaging effects of populism (2 points); examples from Venezuela (4 points)

2. What factors explain the varying levels of success or failure of social movements that have formed in the post-democratization period in Latin America? In your answer, be sure to illustrate using the cases of the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) and the Zapatistas (EZLN) – comparing and contrasting them across the factors you identify.

Points breakdown: factors that determine social movement success: 4 points; illustration with both cases: 6 points

3. At the end of the 1990s/early 2000s, various scholars noted a “pink tide” of left-leaning governments sweeping across Latin America, which incorporated various countries we’ve discussed this term. Discuss the nature of the pink tide and its internal diversity (ie he differences that existed within the pink tide in terms of political and economic strategies) by comparing Venezuela with either Brazil OR Chile. Then discuss what the evidence suggests regarding the political and economic effects of the pink tide. Your answer should draw on BOTH lecture videos AND the Kingtone readings.

Points breakdown: discussion of defining characteristic and differences within pink tide (3 points), effective use of Venezuela and Chile/Brazil to illustrate (4 points); discussion of the political and economic effects of the pink tide (3 points)

4. This week you’ve learned from readings and lecture videos about the effects of various political and economic institutions for the central goals of development, governance, inclusion and/or democracy. Those discussed include but are not limited to: regulatory agencies, property rights, social policies, presidential vs. parliamentary institutions, electoral institutions, and political party systems. Choose TWO such institutions – for each one discuss how the institution manifests in Latin America (what are the general trends?) and then reflect on its effects (positive or negative) for one or more of these goals (development, governance, inclusion and democracy).

Points breakdown: discussion of how two sets of institutions manifest in Latin America (5 points); discussion of effects two institutions for central goals (5 points)

University of Michigan Week 4 Venezuela Under Hugo Chavez Discussion Questions


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